Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Skins

Hey beautiful,
     So I know this is gonna sound gross but in the winter my arms get dry and "scaley." Now I'm not talking about my entire arm but the backs of my upper arms. For years I have tried extra lotions, gauze sponges, moisturizing body washes and even other body scrubs. But i found the key, it's a Lush product. Don't know what Lush is? Well let me tell you. Its a company that hand makes all their all natural soap, boy washes, lotions and hair care. From their I got Buffy, which is a body butter (a.k.a. a body scrub). They use ground rice to help exfoliate and its all held inside Shea butter. So will you get rid of all the dry skin, your moisturizing the new skin. I do this once a week, during the week I use a gauze sponge and never use lotion on my arms. This is also great for when you shave your legs too, at any time of the year. Its best when you do it before shaving.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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