Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolution

Hey Girls,
     I know I haven't been posting a lot and I am sorry for that. In the beginning of December I had to finish up school work and my finals. Then it was Christmas and I hadve been working a lot. So my resolution this year is to be good about posting blogs and videos. I want to do one video and one blog, at least, a week. It's not a lot but please keep in mind I go to school full time, as well as work a job 16 hours a week, sometimes more. If I put pressure on myself to post a lot it just wont be fun.

  Happy New Years, Rose

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TipDay #6

If you have rough skin or acne on the back of your arms, using a face scrub once a week will help clear it up. I find it works best if I use one for acne prone skin. I like to use the St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub, it's my favorite.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crest 3D White Update

Hey Girls,
     So I must be honest I quit, after 3 days. I know that's terrible and I'm sorry, but I had to. My teeth hurt so bad, both when I was using then and day to day life. If it was cold outside and I took a breath it hurt my teeth. I just couldn't keep doing it to my teeth, it hurt so bad. I even took a night off and then did the third application. Honestly, my teeth have just become really sensitive over the years and I know it's not good.
     Even after the 3 times I used them, I saw a difference like they said. If you find that you haven't used all 20 days but your teeth look the way you'd like them too, stop. Don't use the whole thing, it's better for your teeth and then you can use the extra's as touch ups when needed.
     This is a really great product, I know this because I have used it many times before. Using it so many time may be one of the reasons my teeth are so sensitive, but every once in awhile is ok. It makes your teeth nice and white for a lot cheaper than a dentist would. I am so sorry I could not follow this through, but please take my word that it is a great product.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

*I received this product for free courtesy of Influenster*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TipDay #5

To keep hair strong and healthy, take a daily multi-vitamin. Your hair is basically dead cells and cells need nutrients to be healthy. I also take biotin, which is a really good supplement for hair and nails. But I am not a doctor so the only thing I will be recommending is a daily vitamin because everyone should take one.
This is the daily vitamin  I take.
I also thing they make my hair grow a little bit faster, but I have no idea.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Crest 3D White Challenge

Hey Girls,
     So this isn't some crazy challenge, basically all I have to use the Crest 3D White Strips until I have finished the box. Now these were sent to me for free, however I have used these white strips tons of times. I even wrote a blog, My Pearly Whites, ages ago. This time though I am going to follow the whole box through. Below is a picture of what me teeth look like before, and some pictures of the product.
     Now a little bit about me, well really my teeth. I have super sensitive teeth naturally. I think it's to due with the braces, after they take them off they file off the glue and I have very thin enamel because of that. I also drink a lot of Coke and Coffee, which yellow teeth badly. Though my teeth aren't terrible yellow, I don't think so at least. Every 5 days I will put up a post about my progress and some more information in each. 
  Stay beautiful, Rose 

*This product was sent to me for free by Influenster*

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Grey- Purple Smokey Eye

The Products I Used
- Glamour Doll Eyes pigment in 'Undercover'
- CoverGirl eyeshadow in 'Champagne'
- theBalm eyeshdaow in 'Matt Batali'
- L'Oreal Linear Intense liquid eyeliner 
- Urban Decay eyeliner in 'Zero'
- Maybelline One by One Volume Express
- L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And if you don't live in America, or celebrate it. I hope you have a great Thursday.

Monday, November 19, 2012

TipDay #4

To help healthy hair grow, avoid heat tools. Let you hair air dry and if you must use heat, put a heat protectant on before.

Friday, November 16, 2012

November Ipsy

I am so far in love with Ipsy, so here November.
(Going Clockwise)
-theBalm Meet Matt(e) Eyeshadow in Matt Batali
-Chella Eyebrow Defining Gel
-BareMinerals Lipgloss in Moxie
-Starlet Eyeliner in Chocolate
-Nailtini Nail Lacquer  in Millionaire

Stay beautiful, Rose <3

Monday, November 12, 2012

TipDay Tuesday #3

If you don't have a cuticle balm, you can use a lip balm. It is just as nourishing and softening as a cuticle balm. However don't use a cuticle balm as a lip balm.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Haul #8: CVS

Quick haul from CVS, where else.
What I Got:
- Rimmel London Lash Accelerator 003 Extreme Black $10
- Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit cream cleanser $9
- Pantene Beautiful Lengths Replenishing Mask $7

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I (Heart) Fall Tag

Hey Girls, 
So I wasn't exactly tagged to do this, but I don't care. I tag every person that watches this video to do it. Or leave the answers to some of the questions below.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TipDay Tuesday #2

If you have rough skin or acne on the back of your arms, using a face scrub once a week will help clear it up. I find it works best if I use one for acne prone skin. I use the St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites

Hey Girls,
     This is the first of hopefully my monthly favorites, but we will see.

1) Neutrogena Oil-free moisture for combination skin.
     This saved my skin, after I used a pretty awful face moisturizer in September. My face gets a little oily but that's something that I have recently been struggling with, so I am going to have to figure that out. Apparently everyone's skin type changes. But other than that it leaves my skin soft and prevents breakouts.
     Get it here

2) Almay Wake up Under eye Concealer
     This replaced my Garnier under eye roller, and I love this one more. It reduces the little bit of puffyness I do get. This not only gets rid of puffyness, but also has great coverage. I have very dark under eye circles,  it's apparently an Italian thing, and this covers them completely. I wear shade 010 Light
     Get it here

3) Maybelline One by One Volum' Express Mascara
     A great mascara for a simple day, I wear this to run errands quickly or look a little nicer for work. It lengthens, separates and curls amazingly. Normally I curl my eyelashes before mascara but with this I skip curling, I find it works better that way. However the wand is plastic and I don't like it that, I find its harsh on my eyelids when I try to get the base of my lashes.

4) NYC Sheer Red Lipstick
     A great red to transition into fall. I have a complete review about it here.

5) Sumita Brow Base
     This is actually a concealer, when I first received it in my Birchbox I was unsure of what to use it for. So I tried it on a pimple and it works great. I make an X over the pimple and then lightly rub it in. This is a creamy concealer that covers all redness and by the end of the day it's still there without being cakey. I hate anything cakey on my face.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Monday, October 29, 2012

TipDay Tuesday #1

Hey Girlies,
     Figured I'd do a little series in which I will put up a short tip or trick every Tuesday.

To give a skin a break from wearing make up constantly, take it off when you get home and have no where to go. This will give your skin a chance to breath and lessen the chance of break outs.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ruby Rush

Hey Girlies,
     I wanted to tell you about a great fall nail polish I have currently added to my fall favorites. If you know me at all, you can guess it's Sally Hansen. I just can't help it, they make the most high quality nail polishes for the price. So this is a deep wine red, as you can see in the pictures. There is the tiniest bit of fine glitter in it, but its a deep wine red glitter. The application is smooth, with its wide brush which I love and makes putting it on so much easier. In one coat it is ready to go, there's not even a need for a second coat but it just makes it last longer. This is a staple nail polish in my fall polishes.

The top: one coat
The bottom: two coats

Stay beautiful, Rose

Friday, October 19, 2012

Ipsy Bag: October

Hey Girlies,
     So I my first Ipsy bag came!!! I am so excited about everything that came in it. I'm sure now that I made the right choice.
The products:
-Coastal scents eye quad
-theBalm Body Builder Mascara
- be a bombshell eyeliner
- Mirenesse Lip Bomb
- Pequi Oil treatement

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birchbox: October

Hey Girlies,
     I have a bit of sad news to tell you. The other day I canceled  my Birchbox subscription, so this will be the last box I am receiving. Please don't get my wrong they are a great company and I have enjoyed the boxes while I have gotten them. It's just there boxes are very skincare based, while I like to try new products  I don't like to do it this often. As well as the fact that there small samples which won't last the 28 days your supposed to try new skin care for.
     There is a bit of good new though, I did sign up for glam bag, or as it is now called Ipsy. I should be getting my first box later this month and I am so excited. They seem to be a very make up based box service and that is what I am looking for. I leave Birchbox with no bad feelings at all, just a difference of taste. I may even resubscribe in a few months or year after I have used up my supply of face mask, washes and creams.

Whats Inside:
- Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream
- Harvey Prince Hello (Perfume)
-Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter
- theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer
- Luna Protien Chocolate Peanut Butter

Stay beautiful, Rose

Friday, October 5, 2012

Check out my Style

Once again I am sharing with you guys some of the things I post on Instagram. These are just outfits I wore over the past two week. Enjoy, Rose

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Naked Palette: Look #1

Hey Girlies,
     I have recently gotten the Urban Decay Naked Palette and I am in love with it. So I'm going to be doing a few looks with it. I know many people have already done such looks but for me this is  new and I plan to put my own spin on them all. I hope you guys enjoy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hey Girlies,
     So you know that I love my Sally Hansen nail polishes. Some are a little hard to work with, but in the end out work out great. Except for the one I am going to tell you about. When the HD nail colors came out I really wanted some, they were a little expensive for me so I didn't buy them. Then I saw them at like a discount store, 3 for $5. The other two I got worked out great. So the one that didn't work out was BLU, a great royal blue. At least that's how it looks in the bottle.
     The formula is super thin and watery. When putting on the first coat, it tints your nails light blue. Then the second coat is just a pure streaky mess. In some spots it becomes a pretty royal blue. Other spots the color just comes off completely. I couldn't get a consistent color on any of my nails. Even with a third coat I couldn't get the color to be consistent.
     I am glad I didn't pay full price for it since the color is just terrible. Putting a white base wouldn't even save this nail polish. To get the color consistent is a nightmare. On the plus side the parts where it does become a bit opaque, the colors really nice.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Thursday, September 20, 2012

BirchBox: September

Whats Inside: 
Bosica Purifying Cleansing Gel
Color Club 'Put a Pin in it'
Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25+
La Fresh Instant Body Soother
Twistband Lace hair tie
And this great fall look book (shown below)

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best for Less: Liquid Liner

Hey Girlies,
     I only like to use the best products when doing my make up. Regardless if it's an everyday look or something I only wear when going out. I wear liquid liner out to diner most of the time, there are a few days that I wear it to school. I was originally using the Lancome Artliner in 'Nior'. Now don't get me wrong it was the greatest eyeliner I have ever used. I could get a super fine line, that was still intensely black. The line would stay in place all day, even after my eyeshadow creased because I had forgotten to use a primer. The brush isn't really a brush at all. It's a felt tip, just like those really nice felt tip liners that came out. These however don't dry up as fast because your dipping them in the liner. The felt tip is what makes getting the line so precise, so easy. There are no bristles to spread out, the tip is just always at a point. Sadly when it ran out I didn't have the $30 to repurchase it.
     After watching and reading countless reviews on different liquid eyeliners I settled on the L'Oreal Lineur Intense. It does all the great things things the Lancome Artliner does, except for $20 less. This is one of my greatest drugstore finds of all time. When this tube runs out, I am sure to buy another one.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Try Something New

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wanting to try out some new lipstick colors, like a deep red's and burgundy's. I was just afraid that I would spend my money and end up not wearing the lipstick at all, like most of the lipsticks I buy.  So while in CVS the other day, I feel like I live there, I thought of something great. I passed the NYC make up displayed and realized that I could get a great starter lipstick for only $1. Not only that but the formula isn't that bad, the lipstick isn't drying at all. Surprisingly it's even a bit moisturizing. I got mine in Sheer Red, since it was a color closest to what I was looking for. There wasn't the greatest color selection and I'm not sure there is a large selection, but they have all the basic colors.
     So go bold, do something new ad brave. Try a new lipstick color you were other wise afraid to spend your money on.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Flags

Six flags, more flags more fun :)
Some people party their last Friday of the summer, we went to six flags. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Beautiful,
      So far we have spent one beautiful year together. It has been a great year and I have enjoyed every single second of it. I hope you all have enjoyed it too. I'm not really sure what to say here. It's our anniversary, we've been together for a whole year. I can't wait to spend another year and many more years with you. So here to another exciting, adventurous year ahead of us.
     I know I haven't been posting much, but I have just started my freshman year in college and I'm just trying to get used to the change. I have a lot more reading to do than before,but  not much homework yet. I promise I will always get at least one blog or video up a week.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Image from Google. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Another Cuticle Cream

Hey Beautiful,
     I know I just reviewed the JR Watkins Cuticle Salve but I have found yet another great cuticle salve. It may even be better. It is the Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticle Hand Creme, 24 hour moisture. This is one of the few products that promises 24 hour moisture and actually delivers it. I rarely ever have to ever reapply, between the weekly manicure I give myself. Even when I do put it on before I do my nails, I really don't have to. In the winter it may be different, since my hands get terribly dry. I don't use this creme as a hand lotion, but if I have some left over I do rub it in. As with my cuticles it leaves my hands soft for hours. Not as long as my cuticles because I work with my hands. On the tube it says that it is a Shea butter scent, which it is with a slight lemony scent. It's lemony, without smelling like furniture cleaner.
     The true test of how well this Cuticle Creme works, is when I used it on my boyfriend earlier this week. He thought the JR Watkins cuticle salve smelled too girly so we went with the Sally Hansen one. He has a really bad tendency of biting and ripping his cuticles, which leaves them rough and hard and really gross. I just had to take matters in to my own hands or at least try. I didn't realize how easy it would be with this creme. Right away his cuticles softened up and became nice. This product is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. % days have passed since we used the creme on his cuticles and they still feel nice and soft. This product is great and I 100% recommend the Sally Hansen Cuticle Creme.

  See you later, Rose

DISCLAIMER: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Editing a Video

From now on whenever I post a picture on Istagram (rosexrocks) or twitter (@rosexrocks), I will also post it on here so that I can share my everyday life with you a little more frequently. Oh btw you guys should also totally follow me on both of those two.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty Fixation

Hey Beautiful,
     I really wanted to like this product, but I don't which is a bit sad for me. The Beauty Fixation Lipstick touch-up's are pre-filled cotton swabs designed to help you touch up your lipstick. What you do is break the tip with the pink line, so that the other side will fill up with the liquid inside. The product claims to moisturize your lips, wile removing any straying lipstick lines.
     While it does remove the lipstick well, it leave behind a greasy residue. Instead of moisturizing the area around my lips, it actually just makes them greasy. I tried to rub it in without ruining my lipstick but that just made the whole area around my lips feel greasy. There is no rubbing this product in, because it stays greasy. I feel that a plain old cotton swab does the trick better than this.

Stay beautiful, Rose


Thursday, August 23, 2012

What's in my Backpack/ School Supplies

I wanted to share with you guys what I will be carrying in my backpack this fall. I am starting my first year of college and am so excited. I hope you guys find this video helpful. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Just Chapstick

Hey Beautiful,
     With school just around the corner for some and others already in school, I wanted to tell you about the one product you must have in your beauty bag. The Palmer's Coco Butter swivel stick, now it doesn't sound like chapstick but on the tube it says smooths chapped lips. I love using it on my lips, especially when there chapped. I have never had a chapstick hydrate my lips so well that it could fix chapped lips in a day. This product also leaves your lips super soft afterwards, not just while its on. The coco butter smells is not overwhelming at all and is not the least bit fake smelling.
       Being a great chapstick is not the only reason it is a must have for your school beauty bag, it also works as a lotion. One day I was sitting in class and my elbows were dry and cracked. I had no lotion on me and they were so annoying. When I pulled out my swivel stick to put it on my lips, I noticed the words above the 'smooth lips' part. For marks, blemishes and rough, dry skin, is written on the tube too. I know the Palmer's Coco Butter is really good for stretch marks, but I never though to use it on my dry skin. So in the middle of class that day I discovered that this swivel stick is a great lotion, not just when your in a pinch.
       I have used it as lotion many times all over my body and it leaves my skin, just like my lips, super soft. Not even the least bit greasy feeling. Actually after using this a few times on my elbows, it kind of cure my dry elbows something I had been suffering with for years. Now of course it's impractical to use all over your legs, but when your in school and have a really dry patch of skin and no lotion this stuff is a life saver.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Thursday, August 16, 2012

BirchBox: August

Hey Beautiful,
     This months BirchBox is so cute, with it's beauty school theme. Hope everyone's as excited as I am to be going to back to school.

 Whats Inside
- Beauty Fixation Lipstick Touch-up
- Gloss Moderne High-Gloss Masque
- Juicy Couture Viva La Fleur
- Sumita Brow Base
- Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Stay beautiful, Rose

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Finding My Way Back

Hey Beautiful,
     I know I have been MIA for days, and I am always apologizing for things such as this. I just finished my summer classes about 2 weeks ago and am just starting to enjoy my summer, just as it is ending. I have been having lots of fun with my friends, but you all have been in the back of my mind and I truly miss you all.
     So as I find my way back into splitting time between writing a blog, keeping up with friends, filming videos and in just 13 days college life, I have been enjoying an old favorite. While at the drugstore I stumbled upon St. Ives Apricot Face Scrub, for a little less than a year I used this stuff daily as a face cleanser. It kept my skin really clear, but when it ran out I moved on as usual, though I loved it so. This time around I bought the scrub in a pot, instead of a squeeze tube. I'm not sure if the pot thing is new or not. Personally whether I am taking the product out of a pot or tube doesn't bother me. By the time my hand goes into the pot it has already been washed, so I'm not worried about germs.
     Aside from being in the pot, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is still the amazing stuff I remember it to be. The scrub is very harsh and rough, so if your skin in sensitive this is not a scrub for you. I read somewhere that the tiny, rough particles used to scrub your face is in fact the apricot seed ground up. It gets all the dead skin off my face. I use this scrub at the end of each week, sometimes more if my face is looking a bit dull. St. Ives Apricot scrub always leaves my face feeling soft and clean. And how could I forget the wonderful smell of Apricot in the scrub. It's not too harsh and really lovely.This is my all time favorite face scrub and recommend this to anyone looking for a new scrub.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Color Tattoo

Hey Beautiful,

Source: Temptalia
     I have been dying to try the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Tough as Taupe. My CVS never had them in stock, but while I was in a different one the other day they caught my eye. And finally the had Tough as Taupe. I waited all this time for this one color, just to be disappointed by it. This is a matte taupe and such a pretty color when you get it to work well. The formula is very dry, which might be attributed to its matte coloring. This is not a 'unique cream-gel texture,' it feels a bit like damp clay. This shadow is very hard to get on your eye, it tugs as you put it on. Since it tugs as you put it on the color comes out very uneven. Some parts of your eye are a beautiful taupe, but others are a light brown. If you can get the color to spread evenly it is an intense pigment just as Maybelline markets it to be. 
     This cream shadow cannot go without a base. Not only does it crease terribly, but it also just slides off your eye. I don't even have oily eyelids that would cause it to do that. The Color Tattoo is not a 24 hour wear without creasing or fading eyeshadow, it's more of a 2 hour wear. Though if you wear a base, such as Urban Decay Primer Potion or Benefit Stay Don't Stray, the eye shadow stays in place. That's kind of disappointing, I like to use these as my base. Personally this eyeshadow isn't even worth the $7. I would rather splurge and get more Mac Paint Pots, which are easy to use. 

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Mane

Hey Beautiful,
     Recently when I went through my hair care routine and changed it around to accommodate healthy, fast hair growth the shampoo I was using was something I changed. Mane n' Tail, a shampoo you are also able to use on your pets, was highly recommended.  I didn't switch to the conditioner, because I thought the shampoo was going to be very drying and to compensate I would need a moisture rich conditioner. However, I stand corrected. It is a very moisturizing shampoo, without being to heavy and leaving my roots greasy. When I was out a hair mask, I only shampoo with this since it doesn't take away any of moisture that the mask left behind.
     I think it is a great shampoo, that leaves my hair soft and moisturized. I know I keep harping on the point that it moisturizes my hair, but its my favorite part. It doesn't weigh down my hair and make it greasy. Though it does have harsh sulfates, something I forgot to check for at the store, it doesn't have the same damaging effect most shampoos with such sulfates do. If it's something that's really important to you then, then this shampoo isn't for you. The Mane n' Tail shampoo may just beat my all time favorite Lush shampoo, I'll get back to you on that in a few months.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Mask of my Face

Hey Beautiful,
     Yesterday I picked up the one of the infamous Freeman's face masks and couldn't help but try it the second I got home. If it wasn't absolutely amazing then I would not be writing this review the day after I first used it. Here are my opinions after using it for the first time.
     I used the Cucumber Peel off face mask. This is a clear gel formula and is really sticky. The whole thing just reminded me of hair gel. It was a little hard to get on at first since it was so sticky, once you get the hang of it your fine. The cooling sensation is a little bit strong at first but after a long, hot day it feels great. Basically this mask is different from anything I have ever tried before so it took a little bit of getting used to.
     Once it is on and you look like you have clear lip gloss all over your face, you wait. The bottle says 5-10 minutes, I left mine on longer. Just wait til it peels itself off. I scrunched my face and the entire mask began to peel right off. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and amazingly clean. You can just leave it after that because it peels off completely. However I have been struggling with really bad break outs for a few weeks, so I wash my face afterwards just to be safe. Even after gently cleansing my face, I have that same super soft feeling. I can't stop rubbing my face it's so soft. though I have to. Touching your face constantly is really bad for your skin.
     This is a great mask, that everyone should try at least once. I can't see why someone wouldn't try it with it being only $4 a bottle, some places sell it even cheaper. I would recommend this to anyone, I'm even thinking about inviting my friends over and having a Spa party with this stuff. 

  Stay beautiful and try a face mask, Rose

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Haul #8: Mini CVS

Hey Beautiful,
     Today was my last day of class and yesterday I posted my 100th blog post. As a treat I figured I would make tonight a spa night, the only thing I was missing was a face mask. I took trip to the CVS on my corner just for a Freeman's face mask. There wasn't much selection at my CVS, which was a good thing because I liked so many of them I was unsure to get. I got the Cucumber peel off mash, I read a lot of good reviews on it. While there I got a 2 other things. My all time staple face scrub, St. Ives Apricot face scrub. As well as the Clean and Clear Deep action cream cleanser, one of my favorite face washes.

   Stay beautiful, Rose

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hair update

Hey Beautiful,
I know I was supposed to update with a picture yesterday about how the growth is coming along. To be honest I think it's grow a bit however it is very unnoticeable. To do an update every 2 week is kind of dumb because u can't see a real difference. So I will be posting an update every month, regardless if I see a difference or not. I'll also be including some hair care tips and tricks I have come across while researching how to get this mop on my head to grow.
Stay beautiful, Rose

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nails Inc

Hey Beautiful,
     If you remember while in Vegas I bought a Nails Inc Wyndham set on sale at Sephora. It was a set of one nail polish, in Kensington and a special effects top coat. Now you can no longer purchase this set, or the top coat, but heres my review.
     First of all I'm going to talk about the nail polish color, which appears to be a deep teal. However once it's on your nails it's a dark forrest green. I don't lik this polish without the top coat. I don't not like formula at all. It is dry and clumpy, which most of the time is manageable. The brush is super small which makes smoothing out the clumps hard. Most of the time this nail polish ends up streaky because the brush is just way too small.
     The top coat I really like. The iridescent flakes are such a cool effect. No matter what color you layer this over, they range from a teal to green color in light. A great alternative because this is no longer available is the Essie 'the Shine of Times'. The flakes in this polish range from an orange to lime green over most polishes.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best Friend Tag

Hey Beautiful,
Saw my best friend today for the first time in a while and we decided to film the best friend tag for you guys.

Stay beautiful, Rose & Liviyaaa

Friday, July 20, 2012

OOTD: hot day, cold class

Hey Beautiful,
     Last week was pretty hot, but I had class and it freezing in the room. So when watching Leahansays the other day, she referred to a maxi skirt as 'the blanket you wish you had.' In her case she was talking about a cold movie theater on a hot, I'm talking about class. And what she said was true. In class it kept my legs warm but outside it kept them cool.
Skirt: Old Navy
Tanktop: Hollister
Sandals: MIA Hyram in 'Luggage'(sorry about my toes, I need a pedicure)

Stay beautiful, Rose

Summer Beauty Voxbox

Hey Beautiful,
      I got my first ever Voxbox and here's whats in it.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Monday, July 16, 2012

JR Watkins Salves the Day

Hey Beautiful,
     I was going through my box of beauty samples from my Birchboxes and such. In there I found a the JR Watkins hand and cuticle salve. Lately my cuticles have been dry and cracked for some reason. So immediately I pulled it out and put it right on.
     When you first put it on there's the slightest greasy feeling, after 5 minutes it goes away. It leaves your cuticles soft and hydrated. You need to used the littlest amount to make your cuticles softer. The specific one I have is Lavender scented and it's amazing. I could sit here and smell it all day. This salve comes in two other great scents. It's also 99.50% all natural.
     A 2.1oz container is $9, to me it's worth the money. It's a great product that really help your cuticles and container will last a long time.
  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lasting Lines

Hey Beautiful,
     For a while I have heard how great it is to use gel liner on your water line because it's so long lasting. However, I heard it isn't safe if you wear contacts. As you all may know I do wear contacts. There are products, when it comes to eye products, that are even opthamologist recommended. If you look for something on the CVS website, it will tell you in the description box. Though many products don't have such recommendations. I don't like to follow the rules, especially when it comes to my make up, so I tested it out today. 
     I used Mac's Blacktrack Fluideline on my water line. It made my eyes itchy, like you cannot believe and got all over the lenses. I have had this happen a few times with other mascaras and eyeliners. On the CVS website they weren't recommended for contact wears. It was true and I should have listened. I shouldn't have put gel liner on my water line because it made my eyes itchy and got all over my contacts. 

     Though the liner did stay in place all day and not smudge! So if you don't wear contacts try this out to have smudge less, long lasting eyeliner. When I took my contacts out, my eyes were no longer itchy, so this was caused by the contacts. It may affect people without contacts the same way, but from my experience it was fine once I took them out. The color was great too. It stay a dark black all day and didn't fade. 
  Stay beautiful, Rose

Friday, July 13, 2012

July Birchbox

Hey Beautiful, 
     I am so sorry that I didn't post my June Birchbox last month. You see what happened is, I hated everything in it. So Basically I threw it on my table and haven't looked at it since. It was selfish of me not to share it with you guys, even though I hated it. So I am sorry. But here is July's!!!!
What's in there
Ahava Purifying Mud Mask
Laura Geller Double Dipped Lipstick
Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer lotion
Oscar de la Renta Live in Love perfume 
& Headphones

Stay beautiful, Rose

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Roman Holiday

Hey Beautiful,
     As a treat to myself the other day ( I have to find excuses for buying myself make up) I bought Nars Sheer lipstick in 'Roman Holiday'. It's a sheer baby pink and my favorite baby pink. With some I find that it that the pale color completely washed my face out. However since this is a sheer color it gives more of a baby pink lip. This doesn't wash you out and actually creates the perfect baby pink lip for your skin tone. It works with the natural tint of you lip. Personally I love this color.
     I don't only love the color but the formula. Now this isn't a long last lip color, however as it wears off throughout the day it doesn't become drying. Dry or sticky lipsticks are something I abhor. This is neither. It doesn't add any extra moisture to your lips, and it doesn't take any away. It goes on smooth, absolutely not grainy. This is a lipstick worth the splurge.
   Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grow Lots of Locks

Hey Beautiful,
     I cut of 7 inches off my hair and I know you guys are sick of hearing of it. But I wake up every morning and I miss my hair. I love short hair for summer, but just not on me. I have a very long face, so having short hair just makes that so much more obvious. Today is the day that we shall embark on our hair growing adventure and documenting it on here. I will be trying out all those hair growing myths and products. The first thing I am going to be trying is the Hair Fertilizer  Organic Root Stimulator, which is basically a hair mask. From what Rachel (from CheckInTheMirror) you basically rub it on your scalp, brush it through to the ends and sleep with it at night. I'm going to try using it this way and see what happens.
     I am currently using Lush's New! Solid Shampoo, New is the name of it. Which is also supposed to be an organic root stimulator. I have been using this for years and am on my 7th bar. However, when it's finished I'm going to be picking up some of the Mane N' Tail shampoo and conditioner. This is supposed to help your hair grow healthy and strong.
     Maybe I will also pick up a vitamin supplement that contains biotin and folic acid, other wise known as the hair, skin and nails vitamins. But vitamins don't really react well with my body. I always have terrible stomach pains when I take them, so I don't feel that comfortable this method.
     If you have any other suggestions for me to try, just leave them down below whether it be a helpful comment or link to a blog post about hair growth. I will be putting up a picture of my progress every other week. I don't know how much difference we'll be able to see because hair averagely grows 1/2 inches every month.
     Stay beautiful, Rose
And this is the length
that we're starting with.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blind Make up Challenge

Today was a good day

Hey Beautiful,
Today I got my sewing machine in the mail!!! I have been wanting one for about two years now, for many reasons. The one that really drove me to get one was a really cute dress I got in Old Navy. The dress was way too long and it's just too hard to hem a dress by hand.
If you want a video or any reviews on it, just let me know. I'll be sure to get on that for you guys.

For now stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Favorites: June

Products Mentioned
Stila eyeshadow palette in 'Karat' & 'Bronze'
Tarte LipSurgence in 'Amused'
Fresh Sugar Lip treatment in 'Passion'
Mac Pro-Lash in 'PitchBlack'
Essence Kajal eyeliner in 'White'
Biosilk Silk Therapy Hair treatment


Hey Beautiful,
If you couldn't tell from my post about dip dying my hair, I really hated the way it came out. I didn't like the whole dip dye thing. My hair was way too dead to dye over it. So I went to the hair salon today and cut off 7 inches of my hair!!!
I had been thinking bout cutting my hair short for the summer, this gave me the push to do it. I couldn't completely get rid of all the pink. If they cut out all the pink I would have lost close to 10 inches. Now there are a few pink tips here and there and it surprisingly looks cute. I'm glad to have cut of all this hair. Now it can be healthier and light for the summer.
Cutting a lot of hair off for the summer can be liberating. If your thinking about it, I say do it. Your hair will always grow back.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Friday, June 29, 2012

Splat Hair Color

Hey Beautiful,
     I dyed the tips of my hair purple recently using The Splat Hair Color Kits in Lusty Lavender. I had liked this kit originally because it came with both the bleach and the color. Over all I liked this kit. I feel the bleach took a lot of the color out of my hair considering I have dark brown hair. I couldn't get the bleach to mix well though. I have never used bleach before so I don't know if its supposed to be creamy or a bit rough feeling. The bleach came out like a cream, that got sand in it. Do you know what I mean? I hope you do. Like it wouldn't completely dissolve. My friend that uses bleach all the time, said it shouldn't be like that. I don't know why mine was. I did what they said and shook it and then let it sit.
     The color itself I'm not so sure about. It was very liquidy when applying. Many of the dyes I have used were more of a creamy mixture more than anything else. This felt very watered down. Secondly it became hard when it had dried. Never have I used a hair dye that became hard when dry. Like you could literally hear a crunch when you tried to move it. Lastly and most important, it wasn't very vibrant. The color came out very dull and patchy. And it isn't PURPLE!!!! It came out so pink it's not funny. So I don't like that. It's fine I wasn't heart set on purple but like a fun color. Which this is. So if your set on a color this may not be a good kit for you.
     In the kit you only get one set of gloves, which I hate. There are two parts to this process and washing cheap plastic gloves isn't cool. Once there wet they never dry, so to think that people should do that is just stupid. I would willingly pay an extra dollar to have another set of gloves in this kit. That's my only real downside to this kit. As well as there is not brush applicator thing. It would have been so helpful to have one for the bleach mainly. The color you can work in with your fingers no problem but the bleach not so much.
     Please read the directions and timing instructions on the kit if you are bleaching your hair for the first time. I don't think it's the smartest to just wing it with bleach.
   Stay beautiful, Rose

Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY: Dip Dye

Hey Beautiful,
     Yesterday me and my friends embarked on the first DIY adventure of the summer. One in which we bleached and then dyed my hair purple!!! I was super excited, as were we all but a little bit nervous. I have read and heard so many terrible bleaching stories. Ones in which peoples hair fell out and I was a little scare. But I figured it was the bottom 3 inches so if anything I could just cut it off. The kit I used was the splat hair color kits in Lusty Lavender.

1) We mixed the bleach following the directions on the Splat direction sheet. Then we applied it to the bottom 3 inches or 2 inches of my hair. We alternated the length in each section so that it would be a straight across color. Then when reaching my top shortest layers, I applied the bleach to the bottom inch. After that I let it sit for 50 mins because I have dark brown hair and that's what the instructions said to do.

2) After I washed the bleach out I noticed the bottom layer, which had previously been dyed black over a year ago, was still a few shades darker than the rest. So I reapplied the bleach to the bottom layer only and let that sit for another 20 minutes.

3) This is what it looked like after the second bleaching. It wasn't as light as I had hoped but I thought it was a good color to go from. So I just left it at this orange color. The top layer had become a very light blonde because it had never been dyed at all. My Friends had really wanted me to leave it this color and not even put in the purple. I will admit I really liked this and maybe should have left it.

4) this is what it looked like when I was outside walking home from the pizzeria. The directions say that the hair should be completely dry before applying the color. I let my hair air dry because I had just bleached it and now was going to color it so I gave it a bit of a break.

5) The dye kit only came with one set of gloves, which I used for the bleach. I washed them off after I used the bleach and they were too wet to use again for the actual color. I think the kit should definitively come with two pairs of gloves. But basically I applied the color evenly to the bleached parts of my hair and even took it up onto the parts that I hadn't bleached. Then I just braided my hair and let it sit for 40 minutes. 
     The directions say 30 minutes for 1-6 months. That's such a vague length of time. 

6) Lastly I washed my hair out with cold water. Then rinsed it with conditioner, the kit doesn't come with a conditioner like normal hair dye does. After that I once again let it air dry to avoid damaging it even more. And this is what it looks like. The color isn't nearly as vibrant as it is portrayed on the box, though I must take into consideration that my hair was only a light orange. They box says hair must be bleached to a pale blonde before applying color. It's also patchy, the color didn't take as well in some spots as it did in others. The actual purple can only be seen in the sun or other bright lights. Otherwise it just looks brown. =(

I don't know if I will be taking such great care of the color. I am hoping it will fade soon, especially since I won't be using products for color treated hair. But I will do a post on how to care for hair such as this. 

     Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Summer

Hey Beautiful,
     I have a lot of actual work to do this summer. I have a math workshop for 3 weeks during the day, because I am just terrible at math. Then I'm also taking drivers ed 2 nights a week. And 2 of the other nights I'm working, with a few random other nights thrown in. Basically the only days I have free are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. But I plan to make those the best days ever. I want to fill them with fun DIY projects for you guys. There are a few that I have already found, but if there are any great ones you know of pass them this way.
     Leave them in a comment, post a link for me to follow and I will. I will be posting all the fun DIY adventures I embark on, on this blog. Some may be in a video, other in pictures and words, but they will all be here to mark my DIY summer.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Purple Smokey Eye

Products Used
Urban Decay Primer Potion 
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in' Cottage Cheese'
Coastal Scents Palette 
Mac eyeshadow in 'Fig 1'
Sephora eye pencil in 'Black'
Maybelline One by One Mascara
L'oreal Linear Intense liquid liner in 'Black'

Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 for 1

Hey Beautiful,
     What's 2 for 1? Well there most certainly is not a sale or give away. Just two nail polish review in one blog post. I recently bought 8 new nail polishes, when I buy a new one I like to put it on right away. But with 8 nail polishes I couldn't do that, which is the main reason I only buy 1 nail polish at a time. So tonight I used two.

Sally Hansen HD nail color in '06 Digital'
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Color in 'Mellow Yellow'  

     So Yellow Mellow was super annoying to put on. Basically its a creamy, lemon yellow. It was a pain in my backside, to put on. It was clumpy and dry and gross. You know when you have a nail polish for a long time and it gets all dried out and clumpy. Well that's how this was. I thought this was going to be the easiest one to put on. But no. So I have no idea if this was just the way mine was, or if this is just how the formula of this shade is. I have other nail polishes from this line that go on great. After working with it a bit, it still didn't come out great, but the color is a pretty shade of yellow. As well as opaque.
     Digital, the hot pink, I thought was going to be very transparent, is that the right phrase??? Anyway I thought it was going to take 3 coats for it to become opaque and it didn't. I could have used just one coat and I would have been fine. But of course I used two to make sure it was even and all good. I love this color and formula. It went on smoothly with no trouble. It's a great hot pink, with a blue undertone.

 Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, June 17, 2012