Friday, December 2, 2011

Building the Great Wall

Hey Beautiful,
     So Taylor and I may have medium sized make up collections, but it didn't start out that way. I'll tell you all about the easy and affordable way to start building up your collection with high end make up. Now the most important thing is to not go out and buy a ton of make up all at once. You can build as slowly as you feel that you need, pledge to buy one high end make up item that you would really like once a month. Also going for some of the mini gift sets and travel sizes are really great. You get a lot of different products for cheaper and that way if you don't like it you're not stuck with an expensive full sized product you feel obligated. Going to the store and trying things out will prevent any mistakes or regrets. Look at the important things when buying high end make up. It's good to go with high end eyeshadow because the colors come out better. Lipstick is a good buy to because it's usually doesn't dry out and the color is usually better too. Mascara isn't so great to buy high end, there are a lot of more affordable ones that work great, plus you're supposed to throw it out every 3 months. The biggest thing is prioritizing, build up your basics before buying that teal eyeliner or yellow eyeshadow.
I hope this helps you guys build a make up collect that you will come to love.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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