Thursday, March 29, 2012

Haul #4 Nail Polish

Dear Beautiful,
     I ordered a few things from about 4 days ago and it's already here. I was expecting it to take at least a week. This is the second time I have ordered from them, the first time it took the stuff to come about 10 days. Both times none of the polish broke or spilled, it came in great shape. Of course they bubble wrap everything and then put foam peanuts in the box. The best thing about this site is they sell China Glaze at a cheap price. It's $3 a bottle and I find China Glaze comparable to Essie and even OPI. They sell a few other nail polish companies. on their site.

So this is what I got: (from left to right)
- 100% Pure Acetone (helps get off the glitter polish)
- China Glaze 'Foie Gras'
- CG 'Smoke and Ashes'
- CG 'Fast Track'
- CG 'Argo'
- Essie 'Shine of the Times'
- CG No Chip Top Coat
- Stripping brush set
(All the China Glaze polishes are from the Hunger Games Collection.)

Hope you all don't mind hauls. I will have a few blogs/ videos up this week.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Break the Trend

Dear Beautiful,
     Do you follow nail polish trends? Wearing dark colors in the fall and winter, pastels and neons in the spring and summer?
     I don't, I have a love for dark colors and wear them all year round. I don't see why I have to follow trends that I don't like. And neither should you. If you don't like pastels, than don't wear them. Following trends doesn't make you cool. Stepping aside and making your own trend, that makes you super awesome. This doesn't only apply to nail polish. This applies to life. If you don't like the animal print trend, don't follow it. Be yourself. Make your own super awesome trend.

Stay beautiful & Unique, Rose

Friday, March 16, 2012

Iron Guard

Dear Beautiful,
     I heard so many people say that they loved Chi 44 Iron Guard, as a heat protectant. I however don't like it. I have tried it many different times in different way. I have tried it on my dry hair and also putting it in while wet. Both made my hair feels sticky after being straightened. If I'm straightening my hair I don't want it to be sticky, I want it nice and soft. The one thing I did find when I put it in my hair wet is that it's worked a bit like mousse. It makes my hair a bit curlier/wavier and doesn't give it the crunch mousse does. I think that's really weird, it also doesn't feel at all sticky. So as a heat protectant I don't like Chi 44 Iron Guard, regardless of what it does for my hair if put in wet.
Stay Beautiful. Rose

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     My Birchbox came today! It's my favorite part of the month of the month. If you don't know what Birchbox is, it's a monthly subscription. Every month, for $10, you get a small box with 4 to 5 deluxe samples. A deluxe sample is like little tubes of the products. There are times that you get full size things, such as eyeliners or lip glosses. Some months all the products are really great and sometimes only one is good. But it's worth it.

This month I got the special Teen Vogue box, apposed to my regular Birchbox.

Inside I got:
Essie Luxeffects in 'A Cut Above the Rest'
Shiseido Oil Blotting Papers
Tarte LipSurgence in 'Amused'
Twistband Hair tie in Gold
Annick Couta Petite Cherie (perfume)

This month I love my box and can't wait to write a review on some of the products for you guys.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     I was looking through the books on my Nook and realized I should tell you about my favorite fashion book. It's "The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own" by Nina Garcia. This is a book that every girl should have sitting on here book shelf, as sort of a reference guide.
So who is Nina Garcia? Some of you may know her from Project Runway, as a judge. She is also the current Fashion Director at Marie Claire. As well as Elle magazine and other marketing jobs. This women has a lot of credentials to write a book about fashion, but even without those this is an amazing book.

     As to the book, I couldn't live without it. Garcia breaks it up into chapters based on the object of clothing. It's a runs through the One Hundred essential pieces she found necessary when being displaced from her home during remodeling. In each chapter, Garcia says what she like about each piece and why she finds it important. Then she tell's you her favorite brand for each, along with a place with a more affordable price.
This is very similar to Lauren Conrad's "Style," but broken down better and easier to follow. I prefer this book for the way she explains the items and tell you brands that make great versions of it.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

Friday, March 9, 2012

EOS :(

Dear Beautiful,
     There was so much hype on YouTube about how amazing the EOS lip balms were. I can't see it. I have a lot of respect for all the beauty Gurus but I think there crazy. This is the worst lip balm I have tried. It doesn't do anything for my lip but sit there. It doesn't help my chap lips at all. Or even keep my lips soft, when there not chapped. The frat time I used it, it had this plastic feeling to it, i thought there was just a film over it from like sitting in the packaging. But it still feels like plastic and I have to go over it like 10 times for it to feel even there. I leave it my make up desk and use it every once in a while hoping it will work. But it never gets any better. There are greater chap sticks for the same price some even cheaper.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brace Face

Dear Beautiful,
     A few years ago I already had brace and recently once of my friends just got her braces. She's a senior in high school and was so upset. My brother just got Invisilin because he was too embarrassed to wear braces. I could never understand how someone could be upset about getting braces that would make their teeth straight.
For me growing up as a child, I always had really crooked teeth and hated to smile. I rarely smiled with my mouth open. I begged for years for braces, every time I went to the dentist I ask if I could get them yet. Than one day at the end of 7th grade my dentist gave me the go ahead to get braces. I was so happy I couldn't stop actually smiling, like with my mouth open. For me having crooked teeth, was like being held back from smiling and really enjoying things with my friends.
     So it took about 5 months from the time I got the go ahead til I got my braces. They had to pull a few baby teeth, which I didn't like, but hey it was all for the sake of my new straight teeth. They had put the actual braces on the week before Thanksgiving and it was a little painful but I was not going to complain. I had them for about a year and a half (beginning of 8th grade til end of 9th). Some months were more painful than other. there were months where I had to wear annoying rubber bands. But I knew in the end my teeth were gonna be straight and this little pain was worth it.
     The moral of my story is that when you have braces, don't hide them by not smiling and talking with a closed mouth. Instead smile and be happy because your working towards something that will make you smile even more beautiful than it was before. And if you don't have braces and you feel that your teeth are crooked don't be ashamed. For years I didn't smile because I was being silly. Crooked teeth don't matter. A smile is one of the prettiest accessories you can wear, no one can say anything different.

Stay Beautiful and keep smiling, Rose

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Discos Dead

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wanting to buy myself a Butter London nail polish for a few months now. I really wanted the Black Night, but in the Macy's near me they have been sold out for awhile. There were a few other colors I had liked and also wanted to pick up, so I got Disco Biscuit. It's a hot pink with teal glitter in it. Now I thought this would be a pretty opaque color but it's far from that. In 3 coats it's still not really opaque, it would probably work really nice over a hot pink color. But for the price I don't think its worth using it as a glitter top coat. Plus it's super grainy after a coat. It kinds feels like anything with actually glitter on it, sand paper-ish. I couldn't even get the feeling to go away with 2 coats of clear polish. So to say the least I hate it and I'm going to return it.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

New video up, check it out!

Sally Hansen- Bubblegum pink
Sally Hansen- The Real Teal
Essie- Beach Bum Blu
Essie- Mint Candy Apple
Essie- Nice is Nice
China Glaze- For Audrey
China Glaze- Tree Hugger

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey Beautiful,
     I write blogs for you all the time on things I think you want to hear. I might not be completely right all the time, so if there is any topic you would like us to write about let me know. Leave it as a comment, or message, even email me and tell me what you want. This will help the blog be not only for me but for you too.

Stay beautiful, Rose

P.s. my email is

Straight to the Point

Hey Beautiful,
     Even though my hair is just wavy and if i don't sleep on it, straight with a little flip at the end, i still straighten my hair. For some reason or another everyday, mostly because of my bangs. When I did decide to straighten my hair, with my original conair, it took forever. It may be a little wavy but it is so long, I'm not talking dragging on the floor but it hits my natural waist line and measures 18in, and the top layers are a little bit curly. Even my short bangs were taking forever to straighten, especially with the heat up time. So seeing as I do my bangs everyday and the rest of my hair, I thought I should get a good straightener and I did. For my birthday in December I treated myself to one, a nice Sedu Revolution straightener. Of course I waited til it was on sale and got a 25% discount. But I haven't regretted it since. It takes me about 2 mins to straighten my bangs and baby hairs, they have to be perfect, and 8 mins to do the rest of my hair. Even though its thin I still put it on the highest heat setting (450 degrees) for my whole head and 380 degrees for my bangs. It heats up in like seconds, with my old one I would be able to do my mascara and eyeliner but with this one I don't even have time to section off my hair.
In short I love this more than anything. If this one ever brakes, I will buy a new one. If you straighten your hair a lot and are looking for a quality straightener and don't mind spending a little bit of money, this is it.

Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turkish Delight for Every Meal

Hey Beautiful,
     The other day I splurged on something I hate, lip gloss. I never wear lip gloss, my hair is always down and I hate when it gets stuck in my lip gloss. Now I wear lip gloss, I have found one worth the trouble. Nars 'Turkish Delight' is kind of expensive at $24 but its not the most expensive one out there. Against all the cons I had about getting it, I did and am so glad. The color is a light baby pink and matches practically everything. I wear it out to lunch or dinner and now that school is here I'll definitely wear it there. With just one swipe its adds a light color to your lips, not completely opaque. Still glossy without that little girl super glossy almost can-be-used-as-mirror gloss. Its not overly sticky, or sticky at all really. When it wears off your lips don't become dry and flakey and gross like with other. It's just a lip gloss that's amazing and I'm going to look into getting more colors of the lip gloss. I wonder its just this color I love and the formula or will the different color change my opinion we'll find out.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     So I used to hate Hollister clothes because to me they meant everything preppy. Personally I feel I'm more boho than preppy, though I walk the line in my Ugg boots. I buy many of my basics from Hollister because they fit really well, but I do have a few shirts that say Hollister on them. So I am really skinny and most tank tops fit really loosely on me. I don't like my tank tops to be loose, seeing as they are usually going under another shirt. Hollister tank tops are the few that I found fit me really well. They are super stretchy but never lose there shape. Even though they run a little bit pricey at $12 each on sale, they last so long. They don't stretch or fade or get raggedy.
I also love their jeans.
     I am once again super skinny and jeans never fit me in the waist. I am also a little bit short. I buy their 'super skinny' jeans, which fit me perfect. They have a little bit of stretch so you don't feel confined. Most of Hollisters jeans come in lengths, which is really nice. I know other companies do that too, it's just I like the quality of their pants. Oh I buy my jeans in the short size. These also last really well, no fading or ripping.
Moral of the story is that I love Hollister jeans and tank tops. Plus they always have sales, at least 3 a month. But something I have noticed is that their online sales don't usually carry over to the store.

Stay Beautiful, Rose