Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Presents for Birthdays

Hey Beautiful,
     It's my friends birthday (not Taylor's, I have more than one friend) and she likes her make up but not lots of color. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a lot and only really wears neutrals. So instead of opening her eyes I bought her a neutral palette. Just it was such a great price for the eye shadows your being given that I was like omgosh I have to tell someone about this. It's the best palette you could ever give or get. I have 3 Stila eyeshadows, all were like discounted otherwise i wouldn't have them. I just can't see spending $17 on a single eyeshadow, that doesn't even come inside a case. Though this palette is 3 Stila eyeshadows, full size, for only $14. One of the 3 colors is even the eyeshadow color that Stila is known for, Kitten. My friend now has 3 amazing Stila eyeshadows that make a great smokey and has the color Kitten as one of them. I would just like to say that I'm a little jealous, though I could easily buy it for myself, just that she got it first. I might even just go buy myself this palette tomorrow. Anyway off topic, I just wanted to tell you guys that next birthday that comes up share the love. I love make up and I love to pass on the great things I find to my friends that have a liking for make up but really aren't that into department store stuff yet. I get to add to their little collection and help them find something they love.

   Stay beautiful, Rose

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bed Head

Hey beautiful,
     In the morning I don't wake up an hour and half early to do my hair, so basically i got to school with bed head. But it's good bed head. I'm not that girl walking down the hallway of your school, with my hair all knotty and sticking up every which way, looking like a really badly teased mess. No hat is not me, and if that is you I'm sorry for making fun of you, it just had to be done. So how do i make my bed head acceptable. That's easy.
     First you should shower before going to bed and leave your hair wet. I put product in mine, either Redken extreme anti-snap or Biosilk silk therapy, and brush it through. And then I sleep. When I wake up, my hair is kinda curly, wavy-ish so I leave it. Just straighten my bangs and go. If your roots are sticking up funny just straighten them a bit, so they lay flat. I do not brush my hair, otherwise it looks frizzy. depending if I remember or not I also use a hairspray. Right now I'm inlove with Sebastian Shapers+. It has the best flexible hold, like ever. I tend to play with my hair and run my fingers through, with this it'd never stiff or hard and doesn't become flaky. I hope you guys can now go to school with bed head too.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind These Glasses

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wearing my glasses a lot lately, because i got these really cute new grey ones and the first day I did my make up as usual i realized something. The rules are different when it comes to make up and glasses. If you define your eyes with eyeliner on the top lid or waterline, it looks very heavy and over done. So that was the first thing I got rid of. No eyeliner anywhere. The next was the smokey eye which lost it's sexiness behind the glasses and also looked to heavy and over done. After realizing these two things I was like a hiker without my map or compass. After trying a few different things (just eyeliner, just eyeshadow, just mascara, just concealer) I came to my new everyday look which I don't leave the house without.
     So even though I'm wearing glasses, I still conceal under my eyes because I have dark under eye circles and i feel the glasses make them look darker and heavier. To conceal I use my Garnier eye renew and then set it with my Mac MSF.
     Next is the minimal eyeshadow. First I put on the Mac paint pot in 'Bare Study' and place Stila eyeshadow in 'Karat' over top, to set it. These are both skin tone, shimmery eyeshadow's that will make your eyes pop from underneath the glasses.
     I found that mascara seems to define my eyes, all by itself, pretty well without making my eyes look heavy. So my last step is my mascara, which changes from day to day depending on which one I grab. Before putting on my mascara I always curl my eye lashes.

    Stay Beautiful, Rose

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pulling my Hair Back

Hey beautiful,
     The other day i mentioned in my haul that i got the Scünci 'the evolution hair ties' and i have to say I hate them. So there these thins round rubber hair ties and the idea is there not to supposed to slip. And the don't slip, your hair stays the way you put it. This may sound great so far but this isn't a positive review. Imagine putting a rubber band in your hair, or if you ever have, it pulls on your hair as you try to get it out. Now no matter how well it holds my hair, the fact that it pulls my hair out as I take it out is an absolute not. So I will stick to my forever loved plain Scünci pony tail holders with out the metal.
    Stay Beautiful, Rose

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Haul #1 Drugstore

Hey beautiful,
I went to CVS and Rite Aid today and raided it. All the products I mention will be reviewed.
-Burts Bees Rejuvenating lip balm
-3D White vivid toothpaste
-Sally Hansen mega shine top coat
-Sebastian Shaper plus
-Redken Extremé Anti-snap
- John Frieda brilliant brunette shampoo and conditioner
- Covergirl liquiline blast brown blaze
- Sally Hansen complete salon manicure in gilty pleasure
- Covergirl eyeshadow trio in shimmering sands
- Scünci the evolution hair ties
That's it, lol it's actually a lot.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Looking into Her Smokey Eyes

Hey Beautiful,
     Boys may look into your eyes all the time, that's just something they tend to do when they like you. But you want other girls to be looking too. A guy friend once told me "Girls don't get dressed up and do their make up for guys, cause were not really looking, but for other girls," I take it to truth. For me the eye catching look isn't the lime green eyeshadow or glitter, but a dynamite smokey eye. I never give myself enough time to get ready so this is a very simple quick look, that's almost fool proof.
     I like to use my Mac paint pot in 'Bare Study", Stila eyeshadow in 'Coco' and Covergirl eyeshadow in 'Brown Smolder.' If you don't have these exact colors you can use a soft beige with some shimmer, a medium brown and dark brown. Oh and don't forget your primer. We want the colors to stay vibrant and crease-less all day. I like my Urban Decay Primer Potion in 'original.'
-First apply your base. Then apply the soft beige all over your lid and up to your brow bone. This will act as your base color, lid color and brow bone high light.
-Next apply the medium brown in your crease and bring it up just a bit.
-Lastly dab the dark brown in the corner. Don't blend it very far up or onto the lid. Blend just enough so there isn't a harsh line.
     Once you finish this, apply black line to waterline and tight line (upper waterline) and a black mascara. (My favorite eyeliner is Urban Decay 24/7 liner and my favorite mascara is Maybelline Colossal lash.) If you want you can smudge the dark brown thinly along the bottom lash line or the black eyeliner, neither is necessary. And that's it. At first it may take 15 minutes but after your used to it, you'll be done in 5 minutes. since you did such an intense eye, keep it light on the lipstick and blush.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's in the bag

Hey beautiful,
     I was online the other day ordering my new bag for school and I was like I'm going to tell you guys all the great stuff I fill it with. So firstly the bag. I got a L.L. Bean boat and tote in pink berry medium, with regular length straps. I don't need to carry much this year so I got a smaller size but if I had more classes and school supplies I would have gotten the large.
     Now to all the goodies inside. Of course I have a small 1 inch binder to write my notes in and two pencil cases. Ones for actual pens and pencils, the other for some basic make up.
For pens I have every colored gel pen you can image to take notes in, I hate taking note but this makes it fun. Then I have my lead pencils, I find them much easier. You no longer have to carry around a pencil sharpener or get up and sharpen your pencil in the middle of class in front of everyone. Plus they don't draw all over the inside. Also a highlighter or two, I try to keep at least two different colors in my bag.
Lastly my make up bag, now I don't carry much with me because I'm never in school for very long an my make up doesn't tend to fade. I only carry a concealer, black eyeliner, chapstick, lip gloss and face powder, and a brush for my face powder. What do I use? Well I'll tell you.
Concealer (just for under my eyes)- Garnier Fructis skin renew
Eyeliner- Urban Decay 24/7 liner in 'zero'
Chapstick- Burt's bees acai berry (the purple cap one)
Lip gloss- Nars 'Turkish Delight'
Face powder- Mac MSF natural 'light' (I'm a very pale person)
  Stay beautiful, Rose

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nailed It

Hey beautiful,
     So maybe like me you've had trouble finding that nail polish brand that seems to last forever. Luckily I have. A few months ago I got a Zoya nail polish in 'Jules'. At the time it was a company I had never heard of, so I went on the website and read about it. All the nail polishes are vegan friendly and a free of many harmful chemicals such as: Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and camphor free. I find this really good because of bite my nails all the time and with regular nail polish I'm probably eating all those nasty sounding chemicals.
I had used it a few times, not very often. I had my coveted Essie nail polishes that I swore by instead. However one day I used the 'Jules' polish as an accent nail color with my Essie 'nice is nice'. Well by the third day the Essie had chipped off 7 nails almost completely but on the two nails I had the 'Jules' wasn't chipped at all. The Zoya polish wouldn't chip for another 5 days, even through me picking at it. I think that's when I realize it was love. Well maybe not love but I had realized I found a great nail polish. Zoya polishes cost $8, the same as an Essie polish. Though I'm pretty sure they can only be ordered online.

Stay beautiful, Rose