About Me

     I am 17 years old and live in New York City. My birthday is December 19th. I'm graduating High School in June and can't wait to be in college. I also have an amazing boyfriend that supports me in everything I do, including this blog.
     When I was younger I danced competitively and that is what got me started playing with makeup. My parents never yelled at me for playing with it, though I could only wear it at home. This is how it was for a few years but I didn't mind, to me it was a game. In Junior High School I was allowed to wear a little out, which meant eyeliner. I was to lazy to get up in the morning and really do my make up. By 8th grade I was wearing eyeliner and mascara. It wasn't until High school that I really started to do my make up. I hate waking up early but I loved putting on the make up. To me it was so much fun. After I got the make up down in 10th grade, I began to play with my hair and nails. Now I have a love for all three and want to share them with all of you.
     The fashion part I am still working on. I have always been a jeans and a t shirt kind of girl, but lately I have been trading in that t-shirt for pretty blouses. It's still something I'm getting used to, though as I move out of High School and into College I know it will get easier. The change of scenery and pass I know will have a lasting effect on me. Not just education wise but personality too. There are so many more open minded people and they all want to be there. So in that journey I hope to find myself, in a fashion sense. I'm pretty much the person I always will be for the rest of my life and I'm ok with that. I just need a boost in the fashion department. Getting used to dressing nice all the time.
     So check back in for some fashion and college updates, there is an exciting year ahead of us.

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