Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hair, Long Beautiful Hair

Hey beautiful,
     I'm going to tell you all about my love for long hair and how I make sure it becomes long and stays healthy (aka my hair routine). Just when ever I talk about long hair I think of the hippie musical Hair and this one song called "Hair" (very original, I know) which is all about having really long hair and not wanting to cut it. So last May I cut 7 inches off my hair which made it shoulder length and i missed my long hair so much. So in order to grow it back nice and healthy I did some research. I came across all these vitamin lists to make your hair grow faster and I really didn't want to take all these vitamins, so I kept looking. There beyond the vitamin lists I found my answer.
-The Lush "New" shampoo bar, I know shampoo bar? It sounds crazy but it is amazing. So basically what it does it stimulate your scalp with mint and cinnamon. This I didn't think was so bad for you seeing as it is all natural and being used on your body apposed to taking something. I love this thing some much that I am on my 5th bar of it and this stuff doesn't go quick. It lasts me 3 months, though I was my hair every other day because its better for your hair.
-Then since the shampoo may be a little crying at times I use the Aussie Moister conditioner afterwards and then pull my hair up letting it sit for a little bit. And rinse it out.
- When I get out of the shower I let my hair towel dry for abut 10 minutes and then put in Redken Extreme Anti- snap. Which I use as a leave-in conditioner to prevent breakage and split ends. And then I use Biosilk to smooth out my hair.
- Only after that do I brush my hair with a wide tooth comb, to prevent the kind of breakage a brush would do. From there I let it dry completely. I try to never straighten my hair or use any heat, though I do daily on my bangs.
These are all the steps I take to make sure that my hair grows long and healthy.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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