Thursday, February 23, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     So I told you a little while ago that I got Mac's Coygirl Blush. It's really the only blush I won so I use it everyday. But that's all right because it's a great color that works perfectly with my skin tone. This color is subtle giving me a natural rosy glow. However, currently looking on Mac's website it's nowhere to be found. I don't think it's discontinued I only bought it 3 weeks ago and it's not under the goodbyes section. It's so odd. Though Macy's still has it on it website and I did buy it from a Mac counter in Macy's. Next time I'm at my Mac counter I will ask. For now it's a great blush with light color too it. Perfect for light skin tones, seeing as this isn't a bright color and looks very natural.

  Stay Beautiful, Rose

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