Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lash Attack

Dear Beautiful,
     I have been using my new Lancome Hypnose Drama, everyday with another mascara. Not to say that this mascara isn't amazing on its own, I just prefer to use it in combination with another. Hypnose Drama lengthens your lashes to a beautiful length. And I do wear it alone when I'm going very simple. I do really love very dramatic eyelashes all the time. Big bold beautiful lashes, lol I think I stole that from somewhere. Alone I don't get that, so on top I use Maybelline The Colossal Volum'express, or the yellow tube. This makes you lashes look thick without clumping. Another if used by itself, makes lashes look thick but short and stubby. Together they make amazingness. Thick long lashes.
     So how do I do it. Well first I curl my eyelashes. Then I put on Hypnose Drama on my first eye and while that mascara is still wet I put on Colossal Volume. For me it works best if you do the second while the first is wet, so I do each eye at a time. That's how I do it. Some people prefer to wait for the second to dry but I feel like my lashes get clumpy.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

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