Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Haul #3 Holland

Dear Beautiful,
     While in another country I figured I would pick up some make up. I got a few drugstore products, only 3, because drugstore make up isn't cheap there. And when you figure in the conversion it isn't worth it. I wanted a Maybelline mascara because the packaging is more cone like but it was 12 euro which is a whole lot more then it is here. So I got 3 things from Catrice, which I'm guessing is a European country.
-Eyebrow Stylist in 030 'brown-eyed-peas'
- Eyebrow Set
- Made to stay highlighter pen in "eye like it"
That's all I got. I got two brow things because I want to start filling in my brows, there naturally very thing. I'll do a review on the items later.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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