Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crest 3D White Update

Hey Girls,
     So I must be honest I quit, after 3 days. I know that's terrible and I'm sorry, but I had to. My teeth hurt so bad, both when I was using then and day to day life. If it was cold outside and I took a breath it hurt my teeth. I just couldn't keep doing it to my teeth, it hurt so bad. I even took a night off and then did the third application. Honestly, my teeth have just become really sensitive over the years and I know it's not good.
     Even after the 3 times I used them, I saw a difference like they said. If you find that you haven't used all 20 days but your teeth look the way you'd like them too, stop. Don't use the whole thing, it's better for your teeth and then you can use the extra's as touch ups when needed.
     This is a really great product, I know this because I have used it many times before. Using it so many time may be one of the reasons my teeth are so sensitive, but every once in awhile is ok. It makes your teeth nice and white for a lot cheaper than a dentist would. I am so sorry I could not follow this through, but please take my word that it is a great product.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

*I received this product for free courtesy of Influenster*

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