Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mac Attack

Hey Beautiful,
     I was in the mall today and stopped by my Mac to pick up two basic things that's for some reason I didn't have. So for some reason I have had the same blush for the past 5 months and I don't like it. Makes no sense right. Today I picked up my first Mac blush in "Coygirl", I love it. This color is a bright muted pink, that's perfect for my super pale skin tone. I also got one of the new Sheen Supreme lipsticks in "Behave Yourself." It's comparable to a lustre lipstick, therefore it doesn't dry out your lips. In the tube it looks like a Barbie pink and on Taylor's lips it is a Barbie pink (we got the same exact lipstick). However on me it looks as if I'm wearing a sparkly lipgloss and I don't like those. But this lipstick is an exception. You don't have the stickyness of a lipgloss and its not too sparkly. Either the way I like the way it looks.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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