Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You Don't Make Sense

Hey Beautiful,
     So I don't know if you have heard of the Coastal Scents 88 palette but it's amazing. There are 88 different shades of the rainbow that are super pigmented and its only $20. I know can't be true. There's so many colors that you can do anything with. Perfect for people just beginning with make up or wanting try out bright colors. You can also get 88 neutral palette, though I don't have one for myself so I can't make any promises. But want to know something funny? This palette is super pigmented but there hot pots (single pan shadows) aren't. I thought that the colors in this palette were super pigmented so the hot pots must be too, and it would be awesome because they were so reasonable at just $2 each. They weren't pigmented at all, just a bunch of shimmer. The matte ones, were very chalky and need a lot to get even a light color. So sad. Just thought I'd tell you guys about a great palette and an odd inconsistency in a company.
  Stay Beautiful, Rose

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