Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rain, Rain Go Away

Dear Beautiful,
     So it's been raining in New York quite a bit lately and I don't really have rain boots. Ok well I have this pair of purple zebra rain boots that I got from Target for like $30, but I don't really like them. There too heavy and kind of really ugly. I have been dying for a pair of Hunter rain boots for like a year and a half now, today I took the plunge and bought a pair. I figured that I have loved them from a far for so long that it wouldn't be a waste of money. I absolutely love them. I just want to wear them everyday regardless if its raining or not. But it should rain Tuesday so I guess I could wait.
     I went with a very classic pair, original if you may. I got plain black ones because if got them in red or pink I wouldn't wear them unless I had red or pink on, I'm oddly picky. I figured I could switch all different sock in and out of them to add a little color. For right now the socks I got are knit gray, black and white stripes. I wanted the cream fleece or cream knit ones but they didn't have them in my size, actually they had almost no socks in my size only the striped one and a pair of red. Also with the socks the 5-7 fit really well but for some reason they weren't long enough to fold over the boot. And the boots were a little too big in the 8, but way too small in the 7, the socks made them fit better. I'm also short, so the boots may come up a little below the knee on some for me there on my knee almost over. But I love them so much, definitely worth the money.

  Stay Beautiful, Rose.

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