Saturday, August 25, 2012

Beauty Fixation

Hey Beautiful,
     I really wanted to like this product, but I don't which is a bit sad for me. The Beauty Fixation Lipstick touch-up's are pre-filled cotton swabs designed to help you touch up your lipstick. What you do is break the tip with the pink line, so that the other side will fill up with the liquid inside. The product claims to moisturize your lips, wile removing any straying lipstick lines.
     While it does remove the lipstick well, it leave behind a greasy residue. Instead of moisturizing the area around my lips, it actually just makes them greasy. I tried to rub it in without ruining my lipstick but that just made the whole area around my lips feel greasy. There is no rubbing this product in, because it stays greasy. I feel that a plain old cotton swab does the trick better than this.

Stay beautiful, Rose


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