Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Not Just Chapstick

Hey Beautiful,
     With school just around the corner for some and others already in school, I wanted to tell you about the one product you must have in your beauty bag. The Palmer's Coco Butter swivel stick, now it doesn't sound like chapstick but on the tube it says smooths chapped lips. I love using it on my lips, especially when there chapped. I have never had a chapstick hydrate my lips so well that it could fix chapped lips in a day. This product also leaves your lips super soft afterwards, not just while its on. The coco butter smells is not overwhelming at all and is not the least bit fake smelling.
       Being a great chapstick is not the only reason it is a must have for your school beauty bag, it also works as a lotion. One day I was sitting in class and my elbows were dry and cracked. I had no lotion on me and they were so annoying. When I pulled out my swivel stick to put it on my lips, I noticed the words above the 'smooth lips' part. For marks, blemishes and rough, dry skin, is written on the tube too. I know the Palmer's Coco Butter is really good for stretch marks, but I never though to use it on my dry skin. So in the middle of class that day I discovered that this swivel stick is a great lotion, not just when your in a pinch.
       I have used it as lotion many times all over my body and it leaves my skin, just like my lips, super soft. Not even the least bit greasy feeling. Actually after using this a few times on my elbows, it kind of cure my dry elbows something I had been suffering with for years. Now of course it's impractical to use all over your legs, but when your in school and have a really dry patch of skin and no lotion this stuff is a life saver.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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