Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best for Less: Liquid Liner

Hey Girlies,
     I only like to use the best products when doing my make up. Regardless if it's an everyday look or something I only wear when going out. I wear liquid liner out to diner most of the time, there are a few days that I wear it to school. I was originally using the Lancome Artliner in 'Nior'. Now don't get me wrong it was the greatest eyeliner I have ever used. I could get a super fine line, that was still intensely black. The line would stay in place all day, even after my eyeshadow creased because I had forgotten to use a primer. The brush isn't really a brush at all. It's a felt tip, just like those really nice felt tip liners that came out. These however don't dry up as fast because your dipping them in the liner. The felt tip is what makes getting the line so precise, so easy. There are no bristles to spread out, the tip is just always at a point. Sadly when it ran out I didn't have the $30 to repurchase it.
     After watching and reading countless reviews on different liquid eyeliners I settled on the L'Oreal Lineur Intense. It does all the great things things the Lancome Artliner does, except for $20 less. This is one of my greatest drugstore finds of all time. When this tube runs out, I am sure to buy another one.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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