Thursday, September 13, 2012

Try Something New

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wanting to try out some new lipstick colors, like a deep red's and burgundy's. I was just afraid that I would spend my money and end up not wearing the lipstick at all, like most of the lipsticks I buy.  So while in CVS the other day, I feel like I live there, I thought of something great. I passed the NYC make up displayed and realized that I could get a great starter lipstick for only $1. Not only that but the formula isn't that bad, the lipstick isn't drying at all. Surprisingly it's even a bit moisturizing. I got mine in Sheer Red, since it was a color closest to what I was looking for. There wasn't the greatest color selection and I'm not sure there is a large selection, but they have all the basic colors.
     So go bold, do something new ad brave. Try a new lipstick color you were other wise afraid to spend your money on.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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