Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hey Girlies,
     So you know that I love my Sally Hansen nail polishes. Some are a little hard to work with, but in the end out work out great. Except for the one I am going to tell you about. When the HD nail colors came out I really wanted some, they were a little expensive for me so I didn't buy them. Then I saw them at like a discount store, 3 for $5. The other two I got worked out great. So the one that didn't work out was BLU, a great royal blue. At least that's how it looks in the bottle.
     The formula is super thin and watery. When putting on the first coat, it tints your nails light blue. Then the second coat is just a pure streaky mess. In some spots it becomes a pretty royal blue. Other spots the color just comes off completely. I couldn't get a consistent color on any of my nails. Even with a third coat I couldn't get the color to be consistent.
     I am glad I didn't pay full price for it since the color is just terrible. Putting a white base wouldn't even save this nail polish. To get the color consistent is a nightmare. On the plus side the parts where it does become a bit opaque, the colors really nice.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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