Friday, January 17, 2014

Folica Favorites

I was looking through Folica the other day and I realized there are so many great products I love on this site. And so many products I want to try. The thing I love the most about this website, is the page with the top 10 of everything. This list is put together not by the editors of the site, but based on costumer reviews and thousands of them. Almost every single product on this site has a costumer review, making my decision process so much easier. Folica is truly my all time favorite site to find hair care products. Today I am going to about my two favorite hair tools from Folica, since they are currently hosting a promotion for 25% of all hair tools.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron 1inch 
I love this thing, I'm sure on my blog there is another review about this saying just how much I love it. I have had this straightener everyday for just about 3 years now and it's the greatest one I have ever used. It heats up incredibly quick, stays hot and straightens my hair in no time. It has a temperature setting, light that flashes different colors and the ends are designed to stay cool, so they can be touch while the iron is on. The side of iron are rounded, which allows you to create curls, waves or flip the ends of your hair. This is my favorite hair tool and I use it everyday.
Everday Price= $200
After the coupon code and 20% that was already taken off= $120
                                                     Savings $80 and a years worth of burnt hair, straighteners that don't
                                                     heat properly and dissatisfaction.

Hot Tool Professional Spring Curling Iron
These are my stand by curling iron and I use them continuously. I have them in three different sizes; 3/4inch, 1 inch and 1-1/2inch. These heat up really nicely, the springs on the clamps haven't gone and the barrel hasn't discolored (I always assume when the barrel changes color I have used a product that ruined it or the coating has worn off). The heat up time isn't the best but once they are hot, the irons stay hot throughout the time I curl my hair. I still prefer a curling iron with a clamp, opposed to a wand. I find with these I can use it either way so it's like getting two products out of one. The price of these irons vary with the size of the iron, the most expensive being $41. With all the iron you can also get the 25% discount.

Shears or hair scissors (as I have always called them)
I do not have a specific pair to show you since the ones I currently own my Dad bought a few years ago and are still going string. But what I have to say about shears and why you should pick up a nice pair is that when you have bangs it is nice to keep up with trimming the at home. Also for impromptu hair cuts, as I sometimes give myself. Overall it's really nice to have a pair of shears around to keep up with that. You do not want texturizing or thinning shears, just a straight blade. The Cricket S-2 600 6" inch shear has a good review, none of them have more than one review. The review seems promising and theres a lifetime warranty, so if the blade dulls or the spring breaks you can get it fixed.

There are other products listed under the Top 10 categories that you should take a look at before checking out. Don't forget to use the coupon code when purchasing these products and that any or over $50 will receive free shipping.
Promo code: 25% off hair tools

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