Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Back at 2013 and Looking Forward

     This year I feel as if so many things have changed. I broker up with my boyfriend of two years, who wasn't the worst but was not a man in any sense and not what I needed in my life. I lived as if I was already married, at only 18 years old and never went out and lived my life. After that though I found a man that treats me like gold and has brought so much fun and adventure into my life, which is what I need more than anything. I quite my job that made me terribly unhappy all time, that was such a weight lifted off my back. I started my second year of college, declaring Television and radio as my major; with a minor in political science. I passed my road test and got my first car, it's ultimate freedom. I got to see a show tapped live for the first time. Cut off most of my long hair, it became a bob. This year has been both good and bad, with a major change right in the middle. Overall it was great.
     For the new year I am not making any resolutions, not to say that there aren't things in my life that need to be changed. I just feel that if i truly want to change a specific aspect of my life the start of a new year will make it any easier. I believe that as you realize faults in your life you should change them right on the spot. If you realize in September that you have been eating out too much and need to lose some weight, start then. Don't wait for some day on the calendar to begin a new, if we live like that nothing inout lives will ever change. Opposed to making gradual changes in your life, you will burden yourself with multiple changes all at once and it will be harder to achieve your goal.
     Saying that, I have made a new years resolution that I have been working on already. I vow to live in the moment, to take each opportunity as it comes to me and never back down because I am afraid. So far I have been doing all right with this, a little bit each day and I may not say yes to everything. Go out and make your resolutions, not because today is January first but because you want to make a change and today is no better than tomorrow.
     In 2013 I have neglected this blog, but I am going to make an effort to blog more. The issue is that my life hasn't been as focused around make up as it used and I felt I couldn't write about anything but make up on here. That will be no more, I am going to make this into more of a life blog. What I want to write about is what I'll write about. Whether it's a new website I found for school, a movie, a book or there might even bee some make up. I hope to see you in the upcoming days.


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