Friday, January 3, 2014

Saving Mr. Banks

     I have never written a movie review, except for a class I have a lot of practice in that. I tend to watch lots of movies, some are just for background noise and others are to truly watch and enjoy the content. If I see a movie in theaters I give it my full attention, especially since I'm paying $14 to see it. I think this will be a fun thing to write about and lets get on with my first review.

     Last night I saw Saving Mr. Banks, which is based on the making of Mary Poppins with Walt Disney and Pamela Travers (the author of the book) as characters. I'm not sure what it is about the story that I am so taken by, I have watched the movie so many times I can sing the songs and I've even gone to see the musical. And this movie gives such an amazing look into the origin of the book, it makes me really appreciate the story even more. They say writes write about things they know, this book was based around the authors life.
     I am going to try very hard not to spoil this movie for you all, but if you love Mary Poppins, Walt Disney or are even remotely interested in seeing how a movie is made; then you must see this movie. The audience is given such a behind the scenes look into the struggles of making this movie and how a person can be so connected to the past and the stories they can create from it. The characters seem true, Pamela Travers is stubborn and holds he ground when it comes to certain decisions; as did the real person. Walt Disney seem to be alive and have this seemly child-like hope throughout the movie. The story was told not as if it were fiction, with characters that were create but almost like a documentary. An inside look into the Disney studios, Walt himself and the designs that lead to the creation of that iconic movie. Though it is not a documentary and somethings were sugar coated for the audience and not everything happened as was said, the specifics aren't important in this case. Getting the story of how this movie was made was the important thing.
     At times the movie can be sad, as you look back into her life as a child but as an overall you find the real meaning behind the worlds beloved Mary Poppins.

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