Monday, January 13, 2014

Make Up Shelf Life and Being Sanitary

I found this really cool chart for how long you are able to keep your make up for, this is something thats really important to know and follow. Using old make up can cause your skin to break out and possibly an infection, especially if it's used near your eyes. This is not to say that you shouldn't keep your make up clean as well, try to always keep clean brushes and try not to share makeup. Beauty So Clean is a website that sells products to keep your make up and brushes clean. At the end of the post I will link some informational blog posts on how to keep your make up sanitary. Even though most of them are geared towards make up artists, when doing anyones make up  you should keep sanitary conditions. Even if it's for fun, you don't want to cause anyone to get an infection. You wouldn't put dirt on your face and by not keeping your make up or brushes clean your doing that. Hope this serves as a reminder to keep your make up clean and in turn it will keep your skin clean.

Disclaimer: The photo is not mine and the posts are not mine as well.

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