Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bed Head

Hey beautiful,
     In the morning I don't wake up an hour and half early to do my hair, so basically i got to school with bed head. But it's good bed head. I'm not that girl walking down the hallway of your school, with my hair all knotty and sticking up every which way, looking like a really badly teased mess. No hat is not me, and if that is you I'm sorry for making fun of you, it just had to be done. So how do i make my bed head acceptable. That's easy.
     First you should shower before going to bed and leave your hair wet. I put product in mine, either Redken extreme anti-snap or Biosilk silk therapy, and brush it through. And then I sleep. When I wake up, my hair is kinda curly, wavy-ish so I leave it. Just straighten my bangs and go. If your roots are sticking up funny just straighten them a bit, so they lay flat. I do not brush my hair, otherwise it looks frizzy. depending if I remember or not I also use a hairspray. Right now I'm inlove with Sebastian Shapers+. It has the best flexible hold, like ever. I tend to play with my hair and run my fingers through, with this it'd never stiff or hard and doesn't become flaky. I hope you guys can now go to school with bed head too.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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