Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's in the bag

Hey beautiful,
     I was online the other day ordering my new bag for school and I was like I'm going to tell you guys all the great stuff I fill it with. So firstly the bag. I got a L.L. Bean boat and tote in pink berry medium, with regular length straps. I don't need to carry much this year so I got a smaller size but if I had more classes and school supplies I would have gotten the large.
     Now to all the goodies inside. Of course I have a small 1 inch binder to write my notes in and two pencil cases. Ones for actual pens and pencils, the other for some basic make up.
For pens I have every colored gel pen you can image to take notes in, I hate taking note but this makes it fun. Then I have my lead pencils, I find them much easier. You no longer have to carry around a pencil sharpener or get up and sharpen your pencil in the middle of class in front of everyone. Plus they don't draw all over the inside. Also a highlighter or two, I try to keep at least two different colors in my bag.
Lastly my make up bag, now I don't carry much with me because I'm never in school for very long an my make up doesn't tend to fade. I only carry a concealer, black eyeliner, chapstick, lip gloss and face powder, and a brush for my face powder. What do I use? Well I'll tell you.
Concealer (just for under my eyes)- Garnier Fructis skin renew
Eyeliner- Urban Decay 24/7 liner in 'zero'
Chapstick- Burt's bees acai berry (the purple cap one)
Lip gloss- Nars 'Turkish Delight'
Face powder- Mac MSF natural 'light' (I'm a very pale person)
  Stay beautiful, Rose

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