Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind These Glasses

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wearing my glasses a lot lately, because i got these really cute new grey ones and the first day I did my make up as usual i realized something. The rules are different when it comes to make up and glasses. If you define your eyes with eyeliner on the top lid or waterline, it looks very heavy and over done. So that was the first thing I got rid of. No eyeliner anywhere. The next was the smokey eye which lost it's sexiness behind the glasses and also looked to heavy and over done. After realizing these two things I was like a hiker without my map or compass. After trying a few different things (just eyeliner, just eyeshadow, just mascara, just concealer) I came to my new everyday look which I don't leave the house without.
     So even though I'm wearing glasses, I still conceal under my eyes because I have dark under eye circles and i feel the glasses make them look darker and heavier. To conceal I use my Garnier eye renew and then set it with my Mac MSF.
     Next is the minimal eyeshadow. First I put on the Mac paint pot in 'Bare Study' and place Stila eyeshadow in 'Karat' over top, to set it. These are both skin tone, shimmery eyeshadow's that will make your eyes pop from underneath the glasses.
     I found that mascara seems to define my eyes, all by itself, pretty well without making my eyes look heavy. So my last step is my mascara, which changes from day to day depending on which one I grab. Before putting on my mascara I always curl my eye lashes.

    Stay Beautiful, Rose

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