Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Presents for Birthdays

Hey Beautiful,
     It's my friends birthday (not Taylor's, I have more than one friend) and she likes her make up but not lots of color. I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a lot and only really wears neutrals. So instead of opening her eyes I bought her a neutral palette. Just it was such a great price for the eye shadows your being given that I was like omgosh I have to tell someone about this. It's the best palette you could ever give or get. I have 3 Stila eyeshadows, all were like discounted otherwise i wouldn't have them. I just can't see spending $17 on a single eyeshadow, that doesn't even come inside a case. Though this palette is 3 Stila eyeshadows, full size, for only $14. One of the 3 colors is even the eyeshadow color that Stila is known for, Kitten. My friend now has 3 amazing Stila eyeshadows that make a great smokey and has the color Kitten as one of them. I would just like to say that I'm a little jealous, though I could easily buy it for myself, just that she got it first. I might even just go buy myself this palette tomorrow. Anyway off topic, I just wanted to tell you guys that next birthday that comes up share the love. I love make up and I love to pass on the great things I find to my friends that have a liking for make up but really aren't that into department store stuff yet. I get to add to their little collection and help them find something they love.

   Stay beautiful, Rose

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