Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY: Dip Dye

Hey Beautiful,
     Yesterday me and my friends embarked on the first DIY adventure of the summer. One in which we bleached and then dyed my hair purple!!! I was super excited, as were we all but a little bit nervous. I have read and heard so many terrible bleaching stories. Ones in which peoples hair fell out and I was a little scare. But I figured it was the bottom 3 inches so if anything I could just cut it off. The kit I used was the splat hair color kits in Lusty Lavender.

1) We mixed the bleach following the directions on the Splat direction sheet. Then we applied it to the bottom 3 inches or 2 inches of my hair. We alternated the length in each section so that it would be a straight across color. Then when reaching my top shortest layers, I applied the bleach to the bottom inch. After that I let it sit for 50 mins because I have dark brown hair and that's what the instructions said to do.

2) After I washed the bleach out I noticed the bottom layer, which had previously been dyed black over a year ago, was still a few shades darker than the rest. So I reapplied the bleach to the bottom layer only and let that sit for another 20 minutes.

3) This is what it looked like after the second bleaching. It wasn't as light as I had hoped but I thought it was a good color to go from. So I just left it at this orange color. The top layer had become a very light blonde because it had never been dyed at all. My Friends had really wanted me to leave it this color and not even put in the purple. I will admit I really liked this and maybe should have left it.

4) this is what it looked like when I was outside walking home from the pizzeria. The directions say that the hair should be completely dry before applying the color. I let my hair air dry because I had just bleached it and now was going to color it so I gave it a bit of a break.

5) The dye kit only came with one set of gloves, which I used for the bleach. I washed them off after I used the bleach and they were too wet to use again for the actual color. I think the kit should definitively come with two pairs of gloves. But basically I applied the color evenly to the bleached parts of my hair and even took it up onto the parts that I hadn't bleached. Then I just braided my hair and let it sit for 40 minutes. 
     The directions say 30 minutes for 1-6 months. That's such a vague length of time. 

6) Lastly I washed my hair out with cold water. Then rinsed it with conditioner, the kit doesn't come with a conditioner like normal hair dye does. After that I once again let it air dry to avoid damaging it even more. And this is what it looks like. The color isn't nearly as vibrant as it is portrayed on the box, though I must take into consideration that my hair was only a light orange. They box says hair must be bleached to a pale blonde before applying color. It's also patchy, the color didn't take as well in some spots as it did in others. The actual purple can only be seen in the sun or other bright lights. Otherwise it just looks brown. =(

I don't know if I will be taking such great care of the color. I am hoping it will fade soon, especially since I won't be using products for color treated hair. But I will do a post on how to care for hair such as this. 

     Stay beautiful, Rose

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