Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lash Serum

Dear Beautiful,
    My lashes have a really bad tendency to fall out and leave my lash line very thin. I don't know why this happens but its so frustrating, especially when a large amount in the same area fall out.
    Last year I tried a the l'oreal lash serum for the first time and still use it. I don't think it makes more lashes grow as much as it maintains the ones you have. I feel like it conditions the lashes and keeps them healthy, preventing them from falling out. When using the product I find that less lashes fall out, giving the appearance that more have grown. Either way I really like this product. It makes my lashes grow thicker and stronger.
    I don't do it on a schedule. When I notice that my lashes are getting thin I start putting it on. I try to use it every night for two weeks but fail. Even though I forget some night I only do it for two weeks. It's a gel consistency that you put on your lash line and the lashes themselves. Over the corse of a year I have done it about 6 times. I don't notice any bad side effects. The only thing that happens is the skin where you put the gel gets a purple tint. It's nothing horrible and extremely noticeable. 4 days after you stop using it the tint goes away. I find that it's no big deal.
    This is a product I really enjoy. I hope you all check it put and like it as well.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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