Friday, June 15, 2012

Hidden Wedge Sneakers

Hello Beautiful,
     A few days ago I was just wandering around the internet and ran into the most amazing thing ever. I love to wear sneakers, I live in them almost everyday of my entire life. I can't explain to you my relationship with them. Lately I have been trying to branch out and meet new shoes. I wear heels often for formal events and recently I have been trying to get into wearing sandals. But these shoes I found, THESE SHOES!!!! I just can't. 
     There Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneakers. These bad boys will run you about $330 :( I just can't afford to spend that much. They are a great splurge item, but I know I would wear them to death and wouldn't get my moneys worth. So I started looking for dupes. And my good friend Steve Madden came through on this one. Not only does he have one, but TWO pairs of hidden wedge sneakers. They don't match perfectly but they are pretty damn close. 

On the left 
Omlypiaa $110
I think this one is the most similar
On the Right
Lleve $90
There still a bit expensive but way better than $330 

     What do you guys think of these shoes. Love them or hate them? Would you wear them or not?
 Stay Beautiful, Rose

P.S. there are great fakes on ebay if you type in hidden wedge sneakers.


  1. The sneakers from Isabel Marant is so gorgeous! Big love!

  2. me too i just wish they weren't so much