Sunday, June 24, 2012

DIY Summer

Hey Beautiful,
     I have a lot of actual work to do this summer. I have a math workshop for 3 weeks during the day, because I am just terrible at math. Then I'm also taking drivers ed 2 nights a week. And 2 of the other nights I'm working, with a few random other nights thrown in. Basically the only days I have free are Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. But I plan to make those the best days ever. I want to fill them with fun DIY projects for you guys. There are a few that I have already found, but if there are any great ones you know of pass them this way.
     Leave them in a comment, post a link for me to follow and I will. I will be posting all the fun DIY adventures I embark on, on this blog. Some may be in a video, other in pictures and words, but they will all be here to mark my DIY summer.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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