Monday, May 21, 2012

Masked Girl

Dear Beautiful,
     I put up my skin care video the other day and there was no face mask in the video. This is because I have no face mask that I use constantly, go out and buy when its done, or love. I seem to just drift between whatever face mask I have a sample of or find in medicine chest. A few months ago, I was sent a Pangea  Organics face mask. I had used a toner from them once before and loved it. I really want to get my hand on more of their products.

     The mask I tried was Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry, which is for all skin types. One of the thing I love about their products is right on the package they have a list of things this product will do. I can sum this product up in one word, amazing, but I will go into more detail. This mask you put on your face and leave it there for 10-20 minutes while it dries. I normally hate masks like that because they always smell bad. And when looking at the greenish mud looking mixture your putting on your face you would assume that for this one as well. However it surprising smells fresh, almost like pine needles. So while you sit there waiting for it to dry your not completely grossed out by the smell.

Me with the mask on
     To get it off you wet your hands and rub in upward motions. When I read you had to rub it with wet I thought it wont work, just spread the product around further. If it is completely dry it will begin to make little tiny balls and come off your face easily. When I got it off my face, my skin felt refreshed and super clean. Also really soft and moisturizer. I didn't really need to put on moisturizer, but of course I did just to be safe. Though it is $40, I find this product worth it. My skin felt amazing afterwards, and you only use a tiny bit each time. I have a 1 FL OZ sample and I'm pretty sure I can get about 8 or 10 uses out of it. So if the full size is 4 FL OZ there should be about 35 uses in there.

 Stay beautiful, Rose

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