Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shady Lady

Dear Beautiful,

     It's already spring and the sun is shining beautifully outside. Though we all lose the sun, it's not always great for your body. We are all well aware of the damages the sun does to your skin. It can cause your skin to become wrinkly faster and even worse, cause cancer. The best thing a person can do is always wear sunscreen on your face and on days that you know you will be outside for more than an hour wear sunscreen all over. Now you don't have to slather on SPF 60 but don't go out without protection. On days that I know I will be out for a long time I wear SPF 10 and reapply about every hour and a half.
     The sun can also damage your eyes. You can actually get cancer in your eye. Statistics show that people with blue or light eyes are more likely to get this kind of cancer from the sun. I have blue eyes and I take the one precaution I can when it comes to this, wearing sunglasses. Its so easy to do I think everyone should do it regardless of their eye color. There super stylish and you can get a great pair for $3.50 at forever 21. I like these better than my Ray-Bans.

  Stay Beautiful, Rose

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