Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Busy Weeks

     Sorry I haven't posted much this week. The video I had planed to upload yesterday didn't work out as planned. The file was corrupt so it wouldn't upload to YouTube. Plus I had already deleted the video from both my camera and computer. It's been yet another busy week. Last week I got stuck working everyday, this week is also busy but not as dreadful. I have a lot of Senior stuff to do. Yesterday was my last band concert and tomorrow night is one of the awards nights. Today I had work and I have work on Friday :( But Saturday is Prom!!!! Guys I am so excited for prom and that I get to this amazing experience with you. There will be a video up next week with pictures and a few video clips. Hope you guys understand that this is a busy time for me being a Senior and it being the end of school, with a few projects due.
I will be back next week, I promise, Rose

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