Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Mask of my Face

Hey Beautiful,
     Yesterday I picked up the one of the infamous Freeman's face masks and couldn't help but try it the second I got home. If it wasn't absolutely amazing then I would not be writing this review the day after I first used it. Here are my opinions after using it for the first time.
     I used the Cucumber Peel off face mask. This is a clear gel formula and is really sticky. The whole thing just reminded me of hair gel. It was a little hard to get on at first since it was so sticky, once you get the hang of it your fine. The cooling sensation is a little bit strong at first but after a long, hot day it feels great. Basically this mask is different from anything I have ever tried before so it took a little bit of getting used to.
     Once it is on and you look like you have clear lip gloss all over your face, you wait. The bottle says 5-10 minutes, I left mine on longer. Just wait til it peels itself off. I scrunched my face and the entire mask began to peel right off. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and amazingly clean. You can just leave it after that because it peels off completely. However I have been struggling with really bad break outs for a few weeks, so I wash my face afterwards just to be safe. Even after gently cleansing my face, I have that same super soft feeling. I can't stop rubbing my face it's so soft. though I have to. Touching your face constantly is really bad for your skin.
     This is a great mask, that everyone should try at least once. I can't see why someone wouldn't try it with it being only $4 a bottle, some places sell it even cheaper. I would recommend this to anyone, I'm even thinking about inviting my friends over and having a Spa party with this stuff. 

  Stay beautiful and try a face mask, Rose

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