Monday, July 16, 2012

JR Watkins Salves the Day

Hey Beautiful,
     I was going through my box of beauty samples from my Birchboxes and such. In there I found a the JR Watkins hand and cuticle salve. Lately my cuticles have been dry and cracked for some reason. So immediately I pulled it out and put it right on.
     When you first put it on there's the slightest greasy feeling, after 5 minutes it goes away. It leaves your cuticles soft and hydrated. You need to used the littlest amount to make your cuticles softer. The specific one I have is Lavender scented and it's amazing. I could sit here and smell it all day. This salve comes in two other great scents. It's also 99.50% all natural.
     A 2.1oz container is $9, to me it's worth the money. It's a great product that really help your cuticles and container will last a long time.
  Stay beautiful, Rose

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