Sunday, July 8, 2012

Grow Lots of Locks

Hey Beautiful,
     I cut of 7 inches off my hair and I know you guys are sick of hearing of it. But I wake up every morning and I miss my hair. I love short hair for summer, but just not on me. I have a very long face, so having short hair just makes that so much more obvious. Today is the day that we shall embark on our hair growing adventure and documenting it on here. I will be trying out all those hair growing myths and products. The first thing I am going to be trying is the Hair Fertilizer  Organic Root Stimulator, which is basically a hair mask. From what Rachel (from CheckInTheMirror) you basically rub it on your scalp, brush it through to the ends and sleep with it at night. I'm going to try using it this way and see what happens.
     I am currently using Lush's New! Solid Shampoo, New is the name of it. Which is also supposed to be an organic root stimulator. I have been using this for years and am on my 7th bar. However, when it's finished I'm going to be picking up some of the Mane N' Tail shampoo and conditioner. This is supposed to help your hair grow healthy and strong.
     Maybe I will also pick up a vitamin supplement that contains biotin and folic acid, other wise known as the hair, skin and nails vitamins. But vitamins don't really react well with my body. I always have terrible stomach pains when I take them, so I don't feel that comfortable this method.
     If you have any other suggestions for me to try, just leave them down below whether it be a helpful comment or link to a blog post about hair growth. I will be putting up a picture of my progress every other week. I don't know how much difference we'll be able to see because hair averagely grows 1/2 inches every month.
     Stay beautiful, Rose
And this is the length
that we're starting with.

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