Monday, July 23, 2012

Nails Inc

Hey Beautiful,
     If you remember while in Vegas I bought a Nails Inc Wyndham set on sale at Sephora. It was a set of one nail polish, in Kensington and a special effects top coat. Now you can no longer purchase this set, or the top coat, but heres my review.
     First of all I'm going to talk about the nail polish color, which appears to be a deep teal. However once it's on your nails it's a dark forrest green. I don't lik this polish without the top coat. I don't not like formula at all. It is dry and clumpy, which most of the time is manageable. The brush is super small which makes smoothing out the clumps hard. Most of the time this nail polish ends up streaky because the brush is just way too small.
     The top coat I really like. The iridescent flakes are such a cool effect. No matter what color you layer this over, they range from a teal to green color in light. A great alternative because this is no longer available is the Essie 'the Shine of Times'. The flakes in this polish range from an orange to lime green over most polishes.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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