Sunday, July 1, 2012


Hey Beautiful,
If you couldn't tell from my post about dip dying my hair, I really hated the way it came out. I didn't like the whole dip dye thing. My hair was way too dead to dye over it. So I went to the hair salon today and cut off 7 inches of my hair!!!
I had been thinking bout cutting my hair short for the summer, this gave me the push to do it. I couldn't completely get rid of all the pink. If they cut out all the pink I would have lost close to 10 inches. Now there are a few pink tips here and there and it surprisingly looks cute. I'm glad to have cut of all this hair. Now it can be healthier and light for the summer.
Cutting a lot of hair off for the summer can be liberating. If your thinking about it, I say do it. Your hair will always grow back.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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