Monday, April 9, 2012

Give a Gift

Dear beautiful,
      Do you not know what to get your boyfriend for your anniversary? Don't have a lot of money to spend? Well I have 2 great ideas for you.
 1) A photo album. I went and printed out 30 of our pictures at CVS. Then I bought one of the little albums they had in the store. Stuck the photos in it and have it to him just like that. Simple, easy, quick but still personal and unique. And only cost $10.
 2) Coupons. Not the kinda that get you a $1 off cat food. These are special and depend on the person. The first thing you do is print out a ticket/ coupon template. Then fill in the box with what you want. After you can either color it in or leave it white. If you don't want to color it but don't want to leave it white, you can print it on colored paper. Some things I put in mine were a free back rub, brownies, movie day and an extra long hug. Some should be cute, others funny or helpful. Just base it on your boyfriend and what he likes.
   Stay beautiful, Rose

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