Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lenses in My Eye

Dear Beautiful,
     I have been wearing contacts regularly for the past 4 years. Now they do have there good sides and bad sides, as does everything. So this is just a little post for those of you thinking about contacts but aren't sure.
1) I danced for a while, so for anyone that is active it makes playing a sport a lot easier. You don't have to worry about your glasses falling off or sliding down your face.
2) Things are actually clearer, and I can see everything better. I, however, never clean my glasses. I have friends that clean them like everyday. So that might just be me.
3) I can see almost everything better. I can see father. I will wear my glasses to school some days and from the same seat, I struggle to see the board. I have even asked the eye doctor if they were the same prescription.
4) I actually enjoy doing my make up more. If I wear my glasses, I most likely haven't done my make up. I feel like without my glasses on you can see it better. Putting it on is easier too.

1) They sometimes get dry towards the end of the day, making them uncomfortable. But a few eye drops will fix that right up. 
2) I have very sensitive eye and all contact lens solutions bother my eyes. So when I put them in it stings for like 5 seconds. That's just me and a few very random people. If your afraid of it happening to you don't worry. It just makes your eyes tear and then goes away for the rest of the day. 
3) It makes your eyes a bit more sensitive to the sun. When I have my contacts in I wear my sunglasses 10x more than with glasses.  

     That's all the Pro's and Con's I have for contacts. To me the Pro's absolutely out weight the Con's. I just love wearing contacts all the time. So if your still unsure, just try them out. It would kill you to get a pack of contacts and just give it a go. 
     TIP: If you are going to continue to wear contacts all the time, order them off It will honestly save you money and the shipping and costumer service is great.   

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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