Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stripper to Go

 Dear Beautiful, 
     Now it's not as weird as it sounds, it's only nail polish remover. Debra Lippmanns Stripper to Go nail polish remover, to be exact. They come in little individual Packets to do all 10 finger. I found that skeptical, I also found the fact that they were supposed to be lavender scented skeptical too. 

      This is amazing. When you open the packet you find a little mitt. You just slide your finger in and twist until the polish comes off. Which doesn't take very long, just about 4 twists. I know it's not 100% acetone because it doesn't make your skin dry at all. There is just enough to get 7 fingers done. However if you don't  dump out the extra nail polish remover in the packet, you'll be fine. When it gets dry, just dip it into the nail polish remover left over and you'll be all good. By doing that you can now finish the rest of your nails. 
     It takes off the nail polish so easily, actually easier than a cotton ball does. and there so great for travel, taking up practically no space in its thin, little packet. My nail polish never seems to last a whole week. Ever. This makes it so much easier because I can quickly take off the old, chipped nail polish and replace it with new nail polish. I sadly just used my last one and must now go and buy my second bow of them. I hope you guys try them and love them as much as I do. 
  Stay beautiful, Rose

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