Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom: Shoes and Accessories

Dear Beautiful,
Brash Jupiter Platform Sandal
     As promised my shoes and accessories. The shoes I chose were the lightest shade of beige I could find and the closest one to my dress. My dress has detachable straps, which I held up against the shoes to see how well they matched. If you don't have detachable straps it may be hard to match the color, since you can't hem the dress without shoes so you wont have any extra fabric. But the shoes don't totally match but are so close and after 2 weeks of looking I had given in. I got these at Payless for $30. The heel is 5.5 inches and has a 1.5 inch platform. The actual heel is very thick so they are very comfortable. Also the strap around the ankle makes me feel better, like I know I wont loose them and my ankle wont twist. The dress is very simple so I went with a very simple shoe.
     The simplicity of the dress is also why I went with very little accessories. I will only be wearing a gemstone bracelet my boyfriend/ date bought for me for my birthday. I will have a corsage so I thought too much jewelry would on top of that wouldn't look right. For a necklace I am going to wear my Rose name necklace. I really like gold for the summer and I seem to only have one gold necklace. However it is really simple and goes with the overall look I am going for. I wont have a bag because I'm just too lazy to carry one and I have had such a problem match colors too this dress. I'm going to just throw my phone and a bit of money in my boyfriends pocket.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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