Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Prom: Dates!!!

Dear Beautiful,
     I am not saying that you must have a date to go to prom, my two best friends are going stag. I just happen to have a boyfriend right now, otherwise I would also be going stag. So if you do have a date here are a few things to think about. Well only two.
     1) Go with him to get to get his tuxedo. Look at all the vest and colors. If you have extra straps or fabric from your dress bring it with you. It will help ensure that the colors match well. Even if his mother is going to go with him, you should go to. It helps you know for sure that he got something that will match you dress nicely.
     2) If your going to get a corsage with an odd flower go together. I plan on having Forget-Me-Knots in mine, which needs to be special ordered. But if your getting white roses or lily's you should be fine. I think that going together is just always good because then you know the flowers will match nicely.
     That's about it. If you know your date gets a haircut every few weeks remind him when prom is, so that he schedules it at a good time. Also remind him to schedule time to do his hair, if he does. That's about it. Just check that he has everything he needs such as a corsage, tux, limo paid for if your doing that and a haircut. And don't forget to take lots of pictures with him. Have fun!!!

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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