Sunday, March 11, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     I was looking through the books on my Nook and realized I should tell you about my favorite fashion book. It's "The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own" by Nina Garcia. This is a book that every girl should have sitting on here book shelf, as sort of a reference guide.
So who is Nina Garcia? Some of you may know her from Project Runway, as a judge. She is also the current Fashion Director at Marie Claire. As well as Elle magazine and other marketing jobs. This women has a lot of credentials to write a book about fashion, but even without those this is an amazing book.

     As to the book, I couldn't live without it. Garcia breaks it up into chapters based on the object of clothing. It's a runs through the One Hundred essential pieces she found necessary when being displaced from her home during remodeling. In each chapter, Garcia says what she like about each piece and why she finds it important. Then she tell's you her favorite brand for each, along with a place with a more affordable price.
This is very similar to Lauren Conrad's "Style," but broken down better and easier to follow. I prefer this book for the way she explains the items and tell you brands that make great versions of it.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

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