Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brace Face

Dear Beautiful,
     A few years ago I already had brace and recently once of my friends just got her braces. She's a senior in high school and was so upset. My brother just got Invisilin because he was too embarrassed to wear braces. I could never understand how someone could be upset about getting braces that would make their teeth straight.
For me growing up as a child, I always had really crooked teeth and hated to smile. I rarely smiled with my mouth open. I begged for years for braces, every time I went to the dentist I ask if I could get them yet. Than one day at the end of 7th grade my dentist gave me the go ahead to get braces. I was so happy I couldn't stop actually smiling, like with my mouth open. For me having crooked teeth, was like being held back from smiling and really enjoying things with my friends.
     So it took about 5 months from the time I got the go ahead til I got my braces. They had to pull a few baby teeth, which I didn't like, but hey it was all for the sake of my new straight teeth. They had put the actual braces on the week before Thanksgiving and it was a little painful but I was not going to complain. I had them for about a year and a half (beginning of 8th grade til end of 9th). Some months were more painful than other. there were months where I had to wear annoying rubber bands. But I knew in the end my teeth were gonna be straight and this little pain was worth it.
     The moral of my story is that when you have braces, don't hide them by not smiling and talking with a closed mouth. Instead smile and be happy because your working towards something that will make you smile even more beautiful than it was before. And if you don't have braces and you feel that your teeth are crooked don't be ashamed. For years I didn't smile because I was being silly. Crooked teeth don't matter. A smile is one of the prettiest accessories you can wear, no one can say anything different.

Stay Beautiful and keep smiling, Rose

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