Sunday, March 4, 2012

Turkish Delight for Every Meal

Hey Beautiful,
     The other day I splurged on something I hate, lip gloss. I never wear lip gloss, my hair is always down and I hate when it gets stuck in my lip gloss. Now I wear lip gloss, I have found one worth the trouble. Nars 'Turkish Delight' is kind of expensive at $24 but its not the most expensive one out there. Against all the cons I had about getting it, I did and am so glad. The color is a light baby pink and matches practically everything. I wear it out to lunch or dinner and now that school is here I'll definitely wear it there. With just one swipe its adds a light color to your lips, not completely opaque. Still glossy without that little girl super glossy almost can-be-used-as-mirror gloss. Its not overly sticky, or sticky at all really. When it wears off your lips don't become dry and flakey and gross like with other. It's just a lip gloss that's amazing and I'm going to look into getting more colors of the lip gloss. I wonder its just this color I love and the formula or will the different color change my opinion we'll find out.

  Stay beautiful, Rose

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