Monday, March 5, 2012

Straight to the Point

Hey Beautiful,
     Even though my hair is just wavy and if i don't sleep on it, straight with a little flip at the end, i still straighten my hair. For some reason or another everyday, mostly because of my bangs. When I did decide to straighten my hair, with my original conair, it took forever. It may be a little wavy but it is so long, I'm not talking dragging on the floor but it hits my natural waist line and measures 18in, and the top layers are a little bit curly. Even my short bangs were taking forever to straighten, especially with the heat up time. So seeing as I do my bangs everyday and the rest of my hair, I thought I should get a good straightener and I did. For my birthday in December I treated myself to one, a nice Sedu Revolution straightener. Of course I waited til it was on sale and got a 25% discount. But I haven't regretted it since. It takes me about 2 mins to straighten my bangs and baby hairs, they have to be perfect, and 8 mins to do the rest of my hair. Even though its thin I still put it on the highest heat setting (450 degrees) for my whole head and 380 degrees for my bangs. It heats up in like seconds, with my old one I would be able to do my mascara and eyeliner but with this one I don't even have time to section off my hair.
In short I love this more than anything. If this one ever brakes, I will buy a new one. If you straighten your hair a lot and are looking for a quality straightener and don't mind spending a little bit of money, this is it.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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