Saturday, March 3, 2012


Dear Beautiful,
     So I used to hate Hollister clothes because to me they meant everything preppy. Personally I feel I'm more boho than preppy, though I walk the line in my Ugg boots. I buy many of my basics from Hollister because they fit really well, but I do have a few shirts that say Hollister on them. So I am really skinny and most tank tops fit really loosely on me. I don't like my tank tops to be loose, seeing as they are usually going under another shirt. Hollister tank tops are the few that I found fit me really well. They are super stretchy but never lose there shape. Even though they run a little bit pricey at $12 each on sale, they last so long. They don't stretch or fade or get raggedy.
I also love their jeans.
     I am once again super skinny and jeans never fit me in the waist. I am also a little bit short. I buy their 'super skinny' jeans, which fit me perfect. They have a little bit of stretch so you don't feel confined. Most of Hollisters jeans come in lengths, which is really nice. I know other companies do that too, it's just I like the quality of their pants. Oh I buy my jeans in the short size. These also last really well, no fading or ripping.
Moral of the story is that I love Hollister jeans and tank tops. Plus they always have sales, at least 3 a month. But something I have noticed is that their online sales don't usually carry over to the store.

Stay Beautiful, Rose

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