Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Discos Dead

Hey Beautiful,
     I have been wanting to buy myself a Butter London nail polish for a few months now. I really wanted the Black Night, but in the Macy's near me they have been sold out for awhile. There were a few other colors I had liked and also wanted to pick up, so I got Disco Biscuit. It's a hot pink with teal glitter in it. Now I thought this would be a pretty opaque color but it's far from that. In 3 coats it's still not really opaque, it would probably work really nice over a hot pink color. But for the price I don't think its worth using it as a glitter top coat. Plus it's super grainy after a coat. It kinds feels like anything with actually glitter on it, sand paper-ish. I couldn't even get the feeling to go away with 2 coats of clear polish. So to say the least I hate it and I'm going to return it.

Stay beautiful, Rose

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